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House with Vinyl Siding

How To Pick The Right Vinyl Siding For Your Home

Have you decided that vinyl siding is right for you home? It is an easy choice. Maintaining wood siding can feel a lot like renting paint. You slap a few coats on your home and in 5 years you're out there painting again. Vinyl siding offers a permanent solution that, if done right, will resist the passage of time and protect the wood of your house from the harmful effects of severe weather. But, now that you've chosen vinyl as an upgrade, you're still left with a question: "Which vinyl siding is the right one?" Hopefully, we can shed some light on that question.

Tags: vinyl siding installers  |  how to pick the right vinyl siding  |  Colors and styles

Clean Windows

How To Clean Windows With Newspapers

There isn't much that can add beauty and splendor to your home like sparkling clean windows can. Don't you just hate it when you think your windows are perfectly clean and, while you are sitting down for coffee and pastry with the girls from work, the sun comes around to shine in your sun room windows only to reveal bunches of messy streaks. It casts a shadow on the whole get-together and is just so embarrassing. Or, what about all of those fingerprints the kids left behind when they rushed to the window to watch the fire trucks scream by. If the light coming in is just right they are easy to miss, but once the sun shines in - they are all revealed.

Tags: natural window cleaner  |  tips for cleaning windows

Winter Scene Through Window

Cold, Snowy Winter Predicted

Are you aware that there is a secret weather forecasting formula locked in a black box in New Hampshire? True story. You can't make this stuff up. But before you start thinking that this secret weather formula is somehow connected to the ancient Mayans, we'll tell you right off the bat, it isn't. This formula, which has proven itself to be 80% accurate, was devised by Robert B. Thomas, founder of the Old Farmer's Almanac, and has been used since 1792. It relies on the study of magnetic storms on the surface of the sun, prevailing weather patterns, and the atmosphere to predict future weather patterns.

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