3 Easy Weekend DIY Repairs

Home repair and maintenance can be a costly and time consuming necessity. Many times we often overlook the small things in our homes that we could complete quickly without a lot of planning or hassle and without huge impact on our wallets.

Energy efficiency has been on the front of everyone’s minds. Having a home that is as energy efficient and up to date as possible can be as simple as cleaning, repairing or replacing some doors and windows. If you only have a small amount of time to do home repair or maintenance, why not make it a priority to do the things that would help your home to use less energy and cost you less on your utility bills?

Doors are a focal point on the exterior of your house, as well as a possible place for energy loss to occur. Check the weatherstripping around your entry doors for any tears, holes or damage. These small yet important foam and brush strips are a vital part of the overall performance of your doors. They are usually easy to repair or replace. Many common profiles and types of weatherstripping are available at your local building supply or hardware store. To save time, measure the amount of weatherstripping you will need and bring a small piece of the needed weatherstrip with you when heading out to find it. Knowing the manufacturer of your door can be extremely helpful also. Most doors have their name stamped or imprinted on the side of the door or on the actual hinge.

Windows that are difficult to slide or crank open are dirty and in need of a quick cleaning and lubrication. First, open the window and vacuum any loose dirt and debris off your window sill, sliding track and hinge mechanisms. Wipe any non metal surface with a damp cloth that has a mild soap on it. The majority of issues that windows have with opening and closing is due to dirt and reside on the gliding, sliding or venting hardware. Some window manufacturers suggest adding a lubricant to hinged operators. Please check with the manufacturer of your windows for their recommendations.

Adding a storm or screen door to your entry door can create a more energy efficient opening, as well as beauty, light and ventilation to your home. Storm and screen doors are easy to install. Often mounting directly to the trim of your existing entry door, installation can be a breeze. Before heading out to purchase your storm or screen door you will need to know what size your entry door is in order to get the correct size storm or screen door. This is accomplished by measuring the actual door ‘slab’ itself. Most doors are 32” – 36” wide by 78”-81” tall. This is the range for ‘standard’ entrance, storm, and screen doors. If your entry door is of unusual size, a custom or special order may be necessary. These doors are usually ‘universally’ handed; which means the door handle can be installed on either side of the door. Your storm door will come with manufacturer’s installation instructions. Adding a storm or screen door to your house is an easy weekend project that will add value, ventilation, light and make your entrance more energy efficient.

DIY weekend repairs to your home don’t have to be a laborious and torturous event. Plan out your weekend repairs by doing a little research and preparation during the week. A small amount of time spent on picking up parts, supplies and hardware makes for a less stressful and more successful weekend.

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