3 Tips To Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

Brrrr. Old Man Winter is just about here. Keeping him outside and the warmth inside can be an expensive and time consuming task. There are some key places in your home that may be contributing to him gaining entry. Here are a three tips that could help you keep him outside for less money and effort.

New Windows. Old windows can warp and crack over time, letting air come in and heat go out. If your glass is cloudy between your panes of glass, then you probably have a seal failure in the glass portion of your window. This seal failure can attribute to unwanted air exchange as well as let moisture in. New vinyl replacement windows are custom made to your specifications so they will fit perfectly in your homes’ openings. Today’s vinyl replacement windows are available with insulated glass. This means that there are at least two layers of glass sealed into the sash of the window. The space between the panes of glass is insulated with an invisible gas. This ‘insulation’ helps the windows to be more energy efficient. Vinyl replacement windows are made of the highest quality polymers. These polymers give the windows a smooth and strong finish that is available in many colors.

New Doors. Replacing your old entrance doors with a new fiberglass or steel entrance door can cause a significant change in your heating bill. Fiberglass doesn’t conduct the cold or heat, so the outdoor temperature will not find its way to the inside face of your door. Steel doors are molded over a dense foam slab which makes them a great warm option too. You can get many different styles of doors. Adding a window or a sidelight panel can really freshen up your entrance.

Sealing up miscellaneous troublesome areas. Utility entrance areas like your ventilation, chimneys, stink pipes, and electricity supply can also be an easy place for unwanted air exchange to occur. Check the status of all entrance points into your home. Seal these areas with caulking or expanding spray foam. If your home is on a full basement, another area that can be costing you money is the ‘rim board’ that attaches the wood frame of your home to the concrete of your foundation. This area is often hollow and cold. You can easily fill these spaces with expanding foam.

Keeping your home warm for as little money as possible is not an impossible task. If you think that your windows or doors are not helping you do this, then don’t hesitate to call the professionals at Window Nation of Philadelphia. We know windows and doors. Our experts will help you to have a warm winter, and keep Old Man Winter outdoors, where he belongs!

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