4 Tips To Lower Heating Bills This Winter

Winter isn’t all bad. The white crisp snow is beautiful. Sledding, skiing and snowshoeing can only be done when the weather is cold. Snow days home from school are a great benefit too! Cozy nights inside your home can be life long memories in the making. But, if keeping your home cozy and warm is costing you too much, use these four tips to help save you money this heating season.

New Windows. Windows that are old, damaged or warped will not perform well. They will allow heat to escape outdoors, as well as let cold air in. Stopping these holes in your walls from decreasing the temperature in your house and increasing your utility bills can be as easy as giving the professionals at Window Nation a call. New replacement vinyl windows from Window Nation are custom made to fit your existing needs. They will fit like a glove, perform like a shield and will increase your home’s curb appeal all at the same time! With so many colors and styles to choose from your home will get a makeover, be warmer and cost less to keep it that way!

Seal unwanted openings around your home. Our homes have many places that are open to the outside. Without proper maintenance and care these openings become a prime place for unwanted air exchange. Check all the locations around your home that open up to the outdoors, places like:

  • Chimneys
  • Ventilation
  • Utility entrances (cable, electrical, water etc.)
  • Exterior outlets
  • Exterior light fixtures
  • Plumbing access
  • Basement doors
  • Basement wall cracks and crevices

All of these places and more can be attributing greatly to the amount of your heating bills. Taking the time to repair them by using either caulking or expanding spray foam will aid in keeping your precious warm air inside.

New Doors. Doors are such a high traffic area but they are often overlooked in the search for cold air culprits. The perimeter of doors should be sealed with weather stripping. If your doors weather stripping has been damaged over the years than air is most certainly coming in around it. A new steel or fiberglass door from Window Nation will stop that issue in its tracks. Create a new look with a new exterior door and save money on your heating bills.

Wash in cold only. If your water is heated by an oil fired water heater, than wash your laundry in cold water only. Adding any heat to your water uses your precious supply of oil. Generations of families have been washing in cold water for many many years. Now there are even some laundry detergents that are specifically formulated to clean better in cold water. Why waste your hot water on your clothes when you can save it for your shower?

Keeping your home warm and your heating bill down isn’t impossible. Take the time to heed these four tips and let them assist you so that you can go out and enjoy the winter without worrying about your heating budget.

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