5 Ideas To Decorate Your Home For Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner! How ready are you for this festive event? There are so many fun decorating ideas for this time of year. The seasonal colors of fall are here and ready to be a part of your home this Halloween. Here are five fun decorating ideas for your home this year.

  1. Ghost Shades: For this fun trick you take paper blinds and some crafting paper. Use the black paper as a shade and cut out ghost shaped holes in them. Then place white paper behind the ghost shaped holes to create a fun, ghost shadow on your wall.
  2. Haunted Houses: Use construction paper (black and yellow) to construct small, black haunted houses with yellow windows. You can use cardboard to help hold them up right.
  3. Bat Mobile: Use a tree branch from outside. Cut out small bat shapes out of construction paper. Hang bats from tree branches using string.
  4. Spider webs: Use cheese cloth to create the illusion of spider webs. Shred the cheese cloth on one side hang from the ceiling.
  5. Eerie Candles: Use Columns used for wedding cakes spray painted black to create the illusion of creepy candle holders.

Enjoy these fun projects this Halloween season! Be safe when going out trick-or-treating or to a party. Always go out in groups and wear safety gear. Keep costumes fun and safe with reflective gear.

Most of all enjoy this fun Halloween season!

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