6 Easy Ways To Decorate For Fall

Fall is here. It’s time to celebrate the harvest, and time to be thankful. Decorating your home for fall can be simple. Follow these 6 easy ways to decorate your home for fall this year.

Decorate your mailbox. Tie a bundle of corn husks to your mailbox and add a piece of burlap ribbon to secure it to the post. This is often the first thing that people see when looking for your home. Make sure that your numbers are still clearly displayed for your post man and everyone else to see.

Decorate your front entrance or porch. As classic as pumpkins are for this time of year, they are not the only thing that you can use to decorate your front porch or entrance. Hay bales make a great base for you to pile pumpkins, baskets or mums on. Using a weathered or antique watering can, bucket or bird house will add a great whimsical effect. Gourds and apples can add a splash of color in smaller places. A fall wreath placed on your door will surely bring a smile to all who enter.

Fill window boxes will fall decorations. Chances are your windows boxes are now empty. Well, fill them up with small pumpkins, mums, greenery, berry branches and twigs to decorate for fall. Mums come in many different size pots and colors, making them ideal for this purpose.

Fall candles to add warmth to your home. Candles come in lots of different shapes and sizes. Using things like a mason jar or clear vase as candle holders opens up a lot of options for indoor fall decorations. Fill your jar or vase with colorful things like, dried peas, kidney beans, popcorn kernels and cranberries for color and a base for your candle to sit on. Create an earthy cinnamon stick candle by wrapping short, wide candles with cinnamon sticks. This can be easily done by placing a rubber band around the candle and putting the cinnamon sticks under it. Cover the rubber band by wrapping some ribbon or burlap around it and tie it. Candles are a versatile and warm way to add to your indoor fall décor.

Baskets of fall harvest bounty. Fall is a time for harvest celebration. Place different sized baskets, buckets and bowls of pumpkins, gourds, apples and cranberries around your home, inside as well as outside, to help celebrate this aspect of fall. Adding simple accents, like a ribbon or piece of burlap, will give a more distinctly festive look.

Decorate your windows with fall leaves. As silly and simple as it sounds, fall leaves attached to your windows will certainly add another level of color and texture to your home’s fall décor. Bring in lots of different sizes and styles of fall leaves. Let them dry out for a few hours, before attaching them to your windows.

Fall is a great time of year. Keeping your decorating simple and festive will allow you more free time to enjoy this amazing time of year.

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