6 Ways To Spring Clean Your Cleveland Home

Spring is just around the corner and cleaning is on a lot of people’s minds. This is a great time to clean out clutter, organize and freshen up your home. Make your to do list specific for your home’s needs and go about the tasks at your pace. Spring cleaning should be refreshing and energizing for you and your family. Open up the window (weather permitting) and let in some fresh air! Turn the radio up and play your favorite music as you move around your home cleaning and organizing.

Here are six tips to get you up and cleaning this spring:

  1. Clean out that refrigerator. Yes, it’s true no one wants to eat that fruit cake from Christmas. It’s officially time to say goodbye. Take all items out of your refrigerator, wipe down all of the shelves and check expiration dates.
  2. Take care of your windows. Wipe down the glass, clean the blinds and curtains, and let in some fresh air. Just letting in some spring air can freshen up your entire home. Cleaning your windows can let in more light and eliminate dust build up.
  3. It’s officially time to dust! I know it’s my least favorite chore too. But if it’s not something you do regularly, then it is definitely something you should do now. It can help the air quality in your home. Also, try dusting your light bulbs to allow more light to illuminate from them.
  4. Wash all the bedding in your home. Giving your bedding a fresh start is great for your family’s health and sleep. Changing out your bedding for new bedding can be great feeling of refreshment.
  5. Deep clean those carpets. You can rent or buy a carpet shampooer that will really bring up all that embedded dirt and stains. It may even help save a carpet from pet odors.
  6. Bring out your spring and summer items. Put away those winter items. This is a great time to organize your winter items and store them for the next season. Then you can start to bring out all of those fun spring clothes. Bring out the rain boots, umbrellas and mud season gear.

Make sure that you customize your spring cleaning for you and your family. Make it fun and get everyone involved.

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