7 De-Cluttering Tips We Love

Stuff, stuff, everywhere is stuff.

Your stuff, my stuff.

Her stuff, his stuff.

Their stuff, kids stuff!!

Stuff, stuff, everywhere is stuff!

What to do with all this stuff?

Can we fluff this stuff?

Or chuck this stuff?

Oh, no way, too much stuff!

Everything needs a home,

A place to come back to and not roam.

For when you need it, you need it!

And searching too long may cause you to groan!

Buy a storage tote, or a box;

Organize your things, even your socks.

Bins and baskets, of every shape and color,

Get them in big, medium and even smaller!

Label each tote, box or bin.

Let everyone know what lies within.

Put them near the door, in the closet or where you please,

Just pick a spot you can use with ease.

Think vertical! Use space that hasn’t been used before,

Look at your walls, is there any room from the ceiling to the floor?

Add a cabinet, one with lights!

Use a fold away ironing board adding space, what a delight!

Clean out that junk drawer and make it better.

Everything will fit, even the the opener for a letter!

Use a silverware tray to make it neat,

Cuz a organized junk drawer can’t be beat.

Pick out your outfits for the week.

Hang them up in your closet all nice and neat.

Use hanger labels to know where to put jackets and shirts,

Get some cascading hangers for your slacks and skirts!

Under bed storage is an easy place to use,

Short totes with wheels are perfect for your shoes!

Put your out of season clothes in there too,

Your organized bedroom and closet will look brand new!

De-cluttering your home doesn’t have to be areas uncharted,

Use these seven easy steps to get you started.

Then you can relax, have fun, go on a vacation,

All made possible with the help of Window Nation!

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