7 Tips To Prepare Your Home For A Storm

“Always be prepared” is not just a motto for Boy Scouts, it should be the motto for every homeowner and especially so during hurricane season. Hurricane season generally runs from mid-June until the end of November with the majority of hurricanes and large storms hitting at the end of summer and the beginning of fall. A hurricane’s strong winds and large amounts of rain can do a lot of damage to homes and anything else that is in its path. Because of this is it very important that you take the time now to protect yourself, family, property and home from the damages that a hurricane can inflict.

The experts at Window Nation want to help you prepare for this hurricane season. Seven tips to prepare your home and family for a storm or hurricane include:

  • Emergency Kit

Make sure that you have an emergency kit on hand. The kit should definitely include non-perishable food, bottled water, medications, first-aid kit, weather radio, extra blankets, flashlights, and extra batteries.

  • Evacuation plan

Sit down with your family and together create an evacuation plan to get out of your home safely if it becomes necessary. Set a place to meet-up if you and your family get separated.

  • Garage door reinforcement

The garage door tends to be the weakest part of your home because many are not braced. Garage doors often give away when the wind pushes at it. Make sure to brace your garage door if it is not already.

  • Reinforce your roof

Inspect your roof and replace or repair loose roof tiles. Strap down your roof with roofing straps to the frame. Also inspect your gutters and make sure that they are secure to your home.

  • Inspect your yard

Trees located close to your home should be trimmed; and dead branches and trees should be removed from your yard. Inspect your yard and store items like chairs, tables, and grills inside when they are not in use. They can act as dangerous projectiles during a hurricane.

  • Door and window reinforcement

If windows are broken during a storm or hurricane, it can greatly weaken your roof’s structure. Storm shutters will help to secure your windows. Additionally, boarding them over will add another layer of protection. Make sure that your exterior doors shut securely and that their locks work; this will help to make sure that they will stay shut during a storm.

  • Documents

Know where important paperwork is located within your home, especially insurance documents. Keep them in a secure spot in your home or in a safety deposit box at your bank.

Taking the time now to prepare for a storm or hurricane will help to make sure that you and your family are kept safe and that any clean-up or repair work that is needed after the storm will be minimal!

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