Accessorize Your Home’s Siding

There are accessories for almost everything. Jewelry, hair clips, make up, perfume and scarves are just a few of the accessories available to us. There are also accessories for your car, pets, phone, computer and the list goes on! Some accessories are just decorative, while others serve a purpose. Vinyl siding is no exception. This revolutionary siding can add visual appeal to your home, fit your color scheme and serve as an energy efficient product as well! 

Siding a home with vinyl involves more than just the actual siding. A home’s exterior shell has other features besides the flat walls that need a vinyl product. There are such things to consider, such as:

  • Ventilation

  • Molding

  • Shutters

  • Mounting blocks for exterior fixtures

Proper ventilation is crucial for a home. Gable vents are vents found under the peak of the gable ends. These vents let air flow in and out of your attic. Available in many different shapes, sizes and colors, these vents are more than decoration. Without proper air flow, buildings will hold too much moisture which will unfortunately cause many problems. From a low profile, discreet circle to a more ornate shape, gable vents are an important part of your building’s exterior look and style as well as ventilation system.

Molding is found on the exterior of a building in many places. Depending on the design and style, molding can be found around windows, around doors, under soffits, on corners and along the bottom edge of the home, near the ground or foundation.

Exterior shutters can change the overall appearance and feel of a home quite quickly. A home with shutters around its windows makes a statement. Traditionally, exterior shutters were made of wood and were used to seal off a window opening to keep the weather out. Now, their role is decoration only. Choosing the right one for your home will be easy since there is a wide array of vinyl shutters to choose from.

Adding light fixtures, electrical outlets, switches and plumbing fixtures to the exterior of your vinyl sided home will require a vinyl mounting block. Using these will enable you to add fixtures without cutting or removing pieces of the vinyl siding.

More and more homeowners are choosing to complete their home's exterior with vinyl siding and accessories. With all the different styles and colors available the choices are almost endless. From a traditional look to a new modern style, vinyl siding can accommodate all exterior designs. Adding the finishing touches to the exterior with vinyl accessories will keep the exterior of your building virtually maintenance free and beautiful for years to come. 

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