Are You Ready For Severe Weather?

With the passage of hurricane Joaquin, we are once again reminded that severe weather can be a severe threat. Whether you live in our Maryland service area where folks have to shore up coastal areas with sandbags, or deeper inland, throughout Pennsylvania, where heavy rains can cause flash flooding, hurricane season has its effect. When bad weather comes, are you ready?
The Value of Preparation
When forecasters say a storm is tracking up the East Coast, what happens? People start to get prepared, don’t they? We’ve learned from storms like Hurricane Sandy, that Mother Nature can do quite a bit of damage and that drives us to bolt everything down in the yard, go to the store for extra food and supplies, put extra gas in our vehicles, make sure we have a First Aid Kit on hand, and make sure the sump pump is working.
We also know that it is a possibility that the power may go out. Having a working generator and plenty of fuel can mean the difference between life and death for some people. For others, there is a real fear that the loss of electricity will cause freezer foods to go bad.
When we’re sure a hurricane is going to hit, it is time to take more drastic preparations. That’s when you’ll start boarding up the windows, putting down sandbags to channel water, and covering your vehicles to prevent damage from flying debris.
When a storm is on the way, preparation just makes sense. But it doesn’t take a hurricane to damage your home. Heavy rains damage homes all the time, especially homes that don’t have a good seal around windows. Water seeps in and causes rot inside walls. These rotted areas then become an attractant for mold, bugs, and rodents. But all it takes is an ounce of prevention to keep your home safe.
Be Prepared All Year
Window Nation offers many varieties of new, watertight windows that will add beauty and money-saving energy efficiency to your home. Our team of professional window experts will walk you through the process of choosing the right windows for your home and your budget. With a variety of colors, sizes and pane options, we will help you not only beautify your home, but be more prepared when bad weather happens.
The storms will come. But when they do, you can feel safe inside a home that is protected with beautiful, new, insulated windows from Window Nation. Schedule your free estimate today. Our friendly and knowledgeable agents are looking forward to helping you.

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