Have you ever lost your keys and tried to break into your own house? It’s a bummer, for sure, but it can also get you thinking. If you’re able to break into your house, chances are someone else will also be able to. 

Out of all of the points of entry into your home, basement windows are the most vulnerable. 

Think about it. Odds are your master bedroom is up on the second floor— too far away to hear the noise of a break-in. Basement windows often face into the backyard, away from flood lights or security cameras. There’s not even much of a chance for a passing motorist to witness the break-in. 

Basements can be an afterthought for homeowners— it’s just the spot for boxes, the washing machine, and that extra beer fridge.  However, There’s a few things you can do to tighten up the security, and give you peace of mind. 

Here are our top eight tips to make burglars walk right on past your home.

Get covers installed on your basement windows

If your basement windows look up a little shaft, then window well covers will keep intruders away. They also keep rain and snow away from the windows, so bonus on this one. 

Make it seem lively down there

It’s simple. Pick up an inexpensive timer at the home improvement store.  Program a light, or even an old clock radio, to create a sense that there might be someone down there. If you’re already using a home smart speaker system, you can even program that to keep your basement lively. 

Slap a security sticker on your basement windows

Maybe your security company gave you a little yard sign to put in the bushes. Those signs are hard to see in the dark! Get a sticker. It’s a visual reminder (right at the most opportune moment!) that this break-in will not go well. 

Install flood lights in the backyard

So many homeowners point their floodlights at the driveway—as if an intruder is going to be making a polite housecall. Install them on the backside of the house, and catch them coming from your most vulnerable angle. 

Make it tough to see inside

If a burglar can’t look in to see your stuff, they’re less likely to take the risk of breaking in. Depending on the style of your windows, this may mean hanging blinds or curtains that you keep closed. For smaller windows, consider installing frosted glass the next time you upgrade your home windows

Get some plant life

This may sound like a tactic straight out of a little kid’s home security plan, but what about planting some thorny bushes right in front of your basement window?  You don’t want to create a place for a burglar to hide, but a well-placed, unfriendly bush planted snugly up against the house can keep your home safer. 

Use shatter proof window glass

When you upgrade your home windows, you get to choose lots of options about the type of glass. Get a good strong shatterproof glass, and you not only keep yourself safe from a break-in, but you help out with the energy efficiency of your home. 

Buy the best basement windows out there

It can be tempting to invest the most money in your front-facing windows, but don’t skimp on your basement! Good proper basement windows with tight locking seals will keep you safe. Older sliding glass doors frequently have worn out locking mechanisms. It’s probably time to upgrade. 

For smaller windows, like awning windows or vent windows, new windows come with a tight seal that not only saves on energy bills, but makes these windows nearly impossible to pry open with a crowbar.  

Add Peace of Mind with Basement Windows

Don’t let your basement be an afterthought. When it’s time to upgrade your basement windows, Window Nation can make sure your home is secured with the best windows on the market. 

Our installation experts are factory trained, and all our windows are protected by a lifetime warranty. They bring an attention to detail to every step of the process, ensuring your home is safe and secure.

Do you love to gather lots of pictures of dream houses and décor? Scroll through those pictures and see if there are a few with black windows. These images are some of the most pinned pictures out there right now. 

The look is definitely current. 

However, It can be hard to know when you are looking at a big project like window replacement if this is a look that will date quickly, or if it’s one to sign on to. Are you going to fall out of love quickly? Or will it give your home a major glow-up? 

Let’s dig a little deeper and see if this is a trend for you. 

First off, is trend even the right word? If you dig into history, black steel windows were used all the way back into the 1800s —you’d see them used in factories and warehouses. 

The interest in revitalizing these spaces into loft apartments has brought this look back into our consciousness—and it’s really taken off in a big way.  These windows are now made with energy efficient materials and many modern replacement window projects can take advantage of this timeless look. 

Have you considered the style of your home?

Black vinyl windows play well with lots of different styles of architecture.

If you find yourself drawn to the modern farmhouse look — zoom in and notice how many of these homes feature the cool lines and bold contrast of black windows. There’s a timelessness to the look that traditional homes can tap right into. 

If your house is rocking the loft modern aesthetic, then this look is very easy to pull off. This is where it came from, after all. Black vinyl windows look great next to raw brick walls, high ceilings and exposed ductwork. 

Some of the more angular contemporary architecture also is an easy pairing with this look. It gives your house a gallery-like feel, and helps you blur the boundaries between indoors and out. 

It’s a style with lots of design flex. 

Do you like that high contrast look?

There’s nothing like the crispness of brand new black vinyl windows installed against a white wall. The statement they make — just with that high visual contrast of white on black — will do a lot of the decorating for you. The bold contrast can act like a picture frame drawing your eye to the outdoors. 

Some decorators will tell you that if your house features lots of earth tones, black windows will drag down and muddy the look of your interiors. But there are decorators out there that are savvy enough to break this rule, and make black windows work with a more subdued palate. 

How do I imagine covering Black Vinyl windows? 

If you don’t have privacy concerns and want to forgo the headache of window treatments— you’ll be very happy here. 

Black windows work perfectly well all by themselves. Just get out of their way and let them pack their visual punch.  Big beautiful windows on the back of the house or large windows over the kitchen sink are natural choices for uncovered black windows. 

If your house faces a busy street, or you’d just like to be able to control the sun, you can still play. While Black windows do not lend themselves to blinds, roman shades are a popular pairing with this look. Curtains hung wide of the window can also break things up nicely. 

Many of these frequently pinned pictures of black windows are at dusk, when the warm lights of the inside of the house contrast beautifully with the twilight. During the day however, black windows on a light colored home can look like a series of big black holes. For the sake of curb appeal, a roman shade adds nice depth.   

Timely or Timeless?

Just like the little black dress is a wardrobe workhorse. Black vinyl replacement windows are a chic, timeless choice. Window Nation has a great computer program that will help you visualize how these modern replacement windows will work in your home. The program lets you upload pictures of your home and see just what kind of impact black windows will have. 

They’re a fresh and classic look to consider.

This last winter was tough. You’ve tried just about everything in the book. You replaced your existing windows with brand new energy-efficient windows and you’ve already turned your heater up to the max. Unfortunately, your once warm and cozy living room is still getting hit with an unbearably cold winter chill. 

So what gives?

Despite how hefty and durable your entry door may seem, it might not be the steadfast barrier against the outside world that you need. The longer a door is sitting on its hinges, the more likely it is to develop issues that can make it obsolete in your home. However, for most homeowners, these issues are not as crystal clear as they should be. 

If you’re wondering whether or not you should replace your doors this spring, here are four questions that you need to ask yourself.

Need to Reduce Your Heating Bills?

A higher-than-normal heating bill is a red flag that some part of your house is not doing its job. (Either that or someone likes to leave the freezer open overnight!) Unless you wake up in the morning and find that icebox wide open, it might be time to replace your door.

Compare your heating bills from last month and the same time last year. If there is a significant increase in the price you’re paying between then and now, then that might mean your door has leakage somewhere. This leads to unwanted drafts in the area surrounding it, especially for a sliding glass door.

Or, if you find that your energy bill is just too high in the first place, you might want to replace your entry door with one that’s more energy efficient to save money in the long run.

Is Your Door Visibly Warped or Damaged?

When was the last time you took a good look at your door? It’s not unreasonable to say that most homeowners don’t take an analytical look at the structural integrity of their door every day. But if you’re thinking of replacing your door this spring, you really should.

Look for any visible cracks or warping around the edges of the door. Not only can these faults be an eyesore for your home, but they can lead to cold drafts or worse, easy break-ins. Very few can kick down a steel door, but criminals might have a better chance at busting down a wooden door with visible damage.

Does Your Door Look Outdated?

Sometimes your door just doesn’t fit into the overall look of your home anymore. Maybe you redecorated your backyard and your sliding glass door doesn’t contribute to your home’s style. Or you decided to re-paint your home’s exterior and your entry door just clashes too much with the new color.

The entry door is the gateway to the rest of the home, and if your door leaves something to be desired, that first impression goes a long way.

Whether you’re looking to re-sell your home in a couple of years, or just looking to dazzle your guests with your home’s beautiful exterior design, replacing your entry door can really make all the difference for your home.

Can’t Wait Until Next Spring?

If you choose to replace your door, spring is the best time to do it. While installing replacement doors in the other seasons is a reasonable option, there are quite a few drawbacks that make the process unfavorable.

For example, the weather is much more temperate in spring than in summer or winter, which means there are less extreme temperatures that might lead to higher heating or A/C bills. There is also much more daylight in the spring compared to the other seasons. This allows installers to spend fewer days on the project, and lets you get your new entry door sooner.

If you think it might be time to switch to a more energy-efficient entry door or sliding glass door, you need to consider if it can wait until next year. Otherwise, it’s just not cost- and time-effective.

Learn More about Replacement Doors from Window Nation

If you said yes to two or three of the above questions, this spring is the best time to replace your doors. And if you said yes to all four of the above questions, you should already be on the phone with Window Nation. Contact us today to get a free quote on an energy-efficient replacement door.

Before you can compare the pros and cons of having casement windows or double hung windows in St. Louis, brush up on what they look like. 

Casement windows use cranks to open and close. That means you can open them with one hand, and eat your toasted ravioli with the other. 

They push open, extending beyond the envelope of your house. Casements are often used anywhere you need to reach to open a window. For example, casements work well above a kitchen counter since it’s easier to turn a crank than lean over your deep-fryer and push a double-hung window. Double-hung windows move up and down in a frame. Some allow you to move both the top and bottom sashes, while others only let you move the bottom. Double-hung windows are all-purpose windows. 

Benefits of Casement Windows

One of the main benefits of casement windows is that they look different! Many people find that a casement window adds a clean modern St. Louis style, especially since they don’t have the sash dividing the window like a double-hung window does. 

If your home is contemporary, they may be a good choice. In terms of energy efficiency, casement windows create a seal so tight our cracker-thin pizzas couldn’t fit through them. When the casement window is closed, all four sides of its sash press firmly into the frame, stopping air leaks. That tight seal helps control your home’s temperature by keeping heating and air conditioning in, which is incredibly important for when the weather changes every 5 minutes. 

If your existing windows let air into your home, you’ll likely see a decrease in utility costs by switching to casement windows (which can make a huge difference around Mardi Gras season). Another convenience factor of casement windows is that they are among the easiest windows to open and close – a great benefit for older St. Louisans who might have trouble opening well-fastened windows.

Benefits of Double-Hung Windows

Double hung windows are flexible enough to work well in most rooms and home styles, and are a must for a home with an Old Courthouse level of history. They also accommodate window air conditioning units. 

Casement windows cannot accommodate window air conditioners, so staying cool is trickier if you choose casements (You know, for the 25% of the year it isn’t cold already).

Double hung windows usually last longer with less maintenance required. If the crank on a casement window fails, you’ll need to repair it before you can open the window. It doesn’t take a Moto Museum mechanic to fix, but it can still be costly in terms of materials. Since double-hung windows have fewer moving parts, there’s less chance of mechanical failure.

Comparing Casement vs. Double-Hung Windows

Main benefits aside, here’s how the two window styles stack up:

  • Aesthetic – It’s a draw. Some St. Louisans may be drawn to the more historic design of a double hung window, while some might be drawn to the simplistic, modern style of casement windows.
  • Cleaning – It’s a draw. Casement windows are fairly easy to clean. Simply crank open the window, then wash both sides from your home exterior. Modern double hung windows are fairly easy to clean as well, since they tilt in for simple cleaning. If you have old double hung windows, it may be difficult to remove the Missouri dust and dirt from the surface.
  • Durability – Casement windows get exposed to the rain, wind and snow (sometimes at the same time around here) when they are open, so they can degrade faster than double-hung windows. The frame reduces double hung windows’ exposure to the elements. For this reason, double hung windows are generally more reliable in St. Louis.
  • Tight seal – Casement windows have an airtight seal when they’re closed. Older double hung windows can allow air in through the top, but it shouldn’t be an issue when installing brand new windows. Consider this one a wash.

To learn more about replacement windows, or to get a quote, contact us.

You made the right call. You’ve decided to get a new patio door installed. Maybe you’re daydreaming about the kids running outside to play, or you want to eat dinner al fresco every once in a while. That garden is starting to look nice, and a new patio door is going to help you enjoy it. 

The question now is, what kind of door?

Well, what are the options? 

It basically comes down to a choice between French doors or sliding glass doors. You’ll sometimes hear people refer to French doors as “hinged doors” for the way the pair of them open on hinges. Sliding glass doors open laterally on an anodized track. You can’t go wrong either way, but you’ll want to take a few different factors into consideration. 

Sliding Doors might be right.

If you’re going into this project wanting to enjoy the view of your backyard, then sliding doors are a good choice. They give you a broad sweeping view of your property that you can enjoy even in the colder months, without worrying about drafts. 

Take a look at your furniture placement. Sliding glass doors give you more freedom on the layout of your space, since you won’t lose any square footage to the swinging open of a door.  

There are also French doors to consider.

French doors are a big dramatic statement, and can really fancy up your curb appeal. If you are looking for access to the front yard, this is the suggested route. Both sliding glass and French doors have excellent locking mechanisms that will keep your family safe, but French doors are the traditional choice for front-of-the-house patio doors.

The old wisdom used to be, that if you want to let more light, choose sliding glass. That’s not so much the case anymore. These days, the options for customization are endless, and the more you play the more light you can let in. It’s really easy to customize French doors with different heights and widths, not to mention the idea of adding a transom window over the new doors, or window panels on either side.  

Give a thought to how you want these doors to open. You can have them set up to swing in, or swing out onto the patio.  Getting your doors to swing out gives you a bit more freedom when it comes to furniture placement, and gives a sense of flow out onto your patio space. 

Does your daydream of patio doors include a lot of big, fancy backyard parties? If you anticipate lots of foot traffic in and out of the house – or carrying furniture in and out – go with French doors that fully open. If you’re thinking these patio doors are for running in to grab another beer, a sliding door will do. 

If you’re still not quite sure whether your house can accommodate a pair of French doors, there are models where one side of the pair is a fixed door, and only the other side swings open. You’ll still get all of the drama of a French door. 

Getting it just right.

Interblinds are a feature you can add to either sliding doors or French doors. These are blinds that live between the double paned window part of your door. There’s no need to take on the decorating challenges of curtains or blinds – these save you a step. They allow you to control the amount of light you let in, adjust for privacy, and never need dusting. 

Whichever way you decide, you’ll next need to choose the type of glass, and the materials that surround it. Each of the options will contribute to your home’s energy efficiency and help you save money in the long-term. The windows that Window Nation sells are backed by warranties, and are expertly measured and installed by a crew of trained professionals. 

If you’re still debating, reach out to Window Nation. They have a program where you can download a picture of your home, and they’ll show you what your new patio door will look like. Their virtual consultants can give a listen as you weigh the options, and perhaps even offer you ideas you didn’t think of. 

Good call.

There’s nothing like the first day of spring in Hartford. It’s no secret the Connecticut winters are harsh. We certainly earn our springtime in Hartford, and we like to enjoy it as much as possible. This winter has been particularly challenging, and you might feel the urge to make upgrades to your home. Now that the temperatures are starting to warm up, it might be time to consider a home improvement project.

A spring refresh is going to feel especially good this year, and replacement windows and doors from Window Nation are an upgrade you’ll enjoy year-round. There’s no better way to enjoy a warm spring day in Connecticut than opening your windows! Get a head start on your spring home improvement projects by upgrading your existing windows and doors with modern replacements from Window Nation. Our home improvement experts explain why you need to upgrade your windows and doors before summer.

Open the Doors

First step: Take a walk down your driveway and look up at your house. That grass won’t need cutting for a few weeks still, and you could always get a new doormat. Have you thought about getting a new entry door

Your front door greets the world. Upgrading to a new fiberglass or steel door gives your home an infusion of curb appeal, and a secret boost of energy efficiency. Doors from Window Nation feature a multi-point locking system – so they are definitely secure. You know, should you ever decide to lock up and leave your house for a few hours…

In Spring, we start spending more time out in the backyard. Upgrading your back doors is a smart way to blur the boundaries between indoors and out. Think about getting French doors installed that open your home out to the garden. French doors let in natural light, and encourage everyone to get out and enjoy the weather. 

If you have one of those sticky (and dated) sliding glass doors, there have been improvements in this area you might want to consider. Window Nation can install a new sliding door that features an anodized track – which won’t gum up and are much easier to clean than the old-school models. 

Add Curb Appeal with Replacement Windows

We’ve all been in that Zoom meeting where one person is backlit, the other is huddled in a closet, and everyone else is playing with their new ring light. Maybe (just maybe) the simpler solution is to finally take on that window upgrade

If you have rooms that are boxy and dark, a well-placed replacement windows makes a big impact. Our exterior design consultants can help you strategize what works well for your home, take precise measurements, and give you a customized look.

Double or triple pane glass will increase your home’s energy efficiency, keep the UV rays out, and make sure you look gorgeous on those work calls. It’s one less thing to worry about getting right in your new home office or homeschooling set up. 

Yankee thrift is real, and saving money on your energy bills will be a welcome benefit to this upgrade. You could also see big savings when it comes time to sell your home: the return on investment for replacement windows is over 70%!

Want More Home Improvement Inspiration?

When you’re upgrading your home, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by the options. Window Nation has a virtual home show online where you can play around with different looks. You just upload photos of your home, and the home improvement visualizer will show you how new elements like windows, doors, and siding will work together. If you’re ready to start your home improvement project, schedule your in-home or virtual estimate now!

Anytime something needs fixing around the house, do you close your eyes, cross your fingers and wait for the quotes to come in? Quotes can differ wildly from one another, and even if they’re the same, this is a big investment!

Let’s take a breath, walk though what goes into this project, and break down the cost.

A Window Isn’t Just a Window

Clearly we have to consider the windows themselves. Literally, clearly. We usually gaze lovingly through our windows, let’s gaze lovingly at these windows. 

Every pretty little part of that window impacts the cost. 

If you came to this project for the energy efficiency, you’re probably excited to get double- or triple-paned glass. The space between the glass lowers heat transfer, especially if it’s filled with argon gas. This comes with a price, and it’s a “pay now, save later” investment. 

You may also decide that you want that glass coated with heat-absorbing tints or low-emissivity coating. There are glass options that can help reduce street noises, and even ones that can decrease the likelihood of a baseball flying through your picture-perfect window. You have options.

The materials surrounding the glass are another consideration. Your most economical choice is a vinyl window. It’s a choice you can feel good about. If you want to go all in, you’ll pay a bit more for all wood windows. They look so pretty — and beauty comes at a price. 

Did your old windows open from the bottom? A double-hung window will also open from the top, letting in cool cross breezes, but also letting out a bit more cash upfront. Any of your more unusual window openings, like casement windows, can also raise costs. 

Established brands can bring you peace of mind and dependable warranties. You get what you pay for, after all. Window replacement isn’t the type of job where you can slowly upgrade over time — you make your decisions right at the top, and then enjoy them for the next twenty years plus. 

Let’s Not Belabor the Labor 

Deciding on these windows is your kid-in-a-candy-store moment. Now, let’s talk about labor… getting those babies installed. Labor can be as much as 50% of your cost, as any itemized bid will tell you. 

You do not want to play around here. 

It’s a good idea to hire a company that focuses only on window installation. There are lots of little jobs that need doing around the house, but calling your jack-of-all-trades repair guy for this one isn’t a good call. 

Improper Installation (or trying to tackle this yourself!) can result in drafty windows, building code violations, and may void your manufacturer’s warranty. If your installation results in water leakage you could also be looking at structural damage to your home. 

Pay once for labor, and get it done right. 

Professional Installers are trained to take detailed measurements of your window- even down to 3 millimeters. Your window is then custom-made, which promises a nice snug reliable fit. 

Window Nation crews are factory trained, and they bring an average of fifteen years experience to the job. You may be hiring them just for a few hours, but they are bringing along years of experience and attention to detail. 

Using a reputable company means that not just any random person is walking into your home. These are screened professionals.

Like a good houseguest, the team from Window Nation is going to leave your house as clean as they found it. They lay down drop cloth while they work, are efficient, and clean up after themselves. You can see how much pride they take in their work when they polish up and wipe down all the fingerprints on your new windows. 

The Math Checks Out

Getting your windows replaced is a big project, but the return on investment can be as much as 70%. Any contractor worth their salt will talk you through their quote- and you can ask for that. Once you get the good word of mouth on your window installation team, you can go into this project with your eyes open. 

The dining room has been painted a jazzy color, those new lighting fixtures were a find, and now there’s just one last thing sitting on that to-do list. 

Windows. They need some love too. 

This one can be overwhelming. There are a lot of choices and the technology keeps advancing.  It’s a big investment and you’ll be living with these windows for twenty years or more!

While it’s not as easy as buying a new throw pillow at Southpark Mall, you don’t need to feel intimidated. Here are the options…

New Construction or Replacement Windows?

They sound like the same thing, right? Replacement windows are new windows… but new windows replace the old ones. 

Don’t tie yourself in knots. 

New construction windows are what you pick when you want to add a window or change its shape or size. You can change the entire look of your house and get more natural light. 

New construction windows mean hiring a contractor to work on the surrounding carpentry, and help you get the look right. You’ll need to budget a bit more for the cost of labor. 

When you go with replacement windows, you just swap in new windows. If your existing frames are in decent shape and you like the look of your house, this might be the way to go.

What style do you want? 

Double hung windows open from the top and bottom. It’s a great way to get cross ventilation on those North Carolina spring days — the crepe myrtle is blooming, the birds are singing, and you want to wait to turn on the A/C. If you have kids, these are a smart choice for the second floor. You can get a breeze, and not worry about the kids pushing the screens out and falling. 

Casement windows have one large sash that opens vertically like a door would open. They are controlled by a hinge mechanism — think of how you wind open an old-school car window. 

Slider Windows are exactly what they sound like — they just slide on a track. Picture how the takeout window at Cook-out opens when they hand you a milkshake or Cheerwine.

Bay Windows have a lovely curb appeal. The three dimensional shape is an upgrade that’ll give you great light and show off the views of your property. Bow Windows have a similar feel, but they soften the curve of the bay shape.

How about frame and sash material? 

This doesn’t refer to your silky beauty queen sash–this is about the material surrounding the glass. Vinyl windows are popular and can be made to match any style home. They offer great insulation, and are a piece of cake to keep clean

If you want to get fancy, wood windows have that southern historic feel and come with a slightly higher sticker price. If you decide to go with wood, you’re committing to periodically painting or staining to protect them from moisture. 

Since both options give you energy efficiency, your frame and sash material may just come down to a beauty queen contest after all. 

And glass?

If your house still has its original windows, you might have single pane windows. This style is builder-grade and the least expensive. Unfortunately, they are also the least energy efficient. Consider installing double pane or triple pane windows for the efficiency boost. 

The space between the glass lowers heat transfer, especially with the argon gas they pump between layers. It’ll keep you cooler than sweet tea — especially with low-emissivity coating. Low-E coating is like an invisible layer of sunscreen – it blocks out UV light. You can enjoy the sun and not get baked. 

If your front yard hosts amateur Tar Heel football games, maybe you want to opt for impact resistant glass and save yourself a repair. And if your home is near a bar where they watch the game, well, we also have a glass that can help you cut down on noise. 

Next steps

Like most home improvements, you’re going to get what you pay for. Knowing what you want is just the first step. Make sure you choose a reputable brand of windows, with warranties to back them up. We take pride in our homes here in Charlotte, and if you ask around, most Charlotteans will tell you that Window Nation is your best bet. 


More people working and sheltering at home has significantly impacted the home improvement industry.

HARTFORD (March 1, 2021) – Home improvement has surged as Americans have been forced to use their homes more – and in likely new ways. Home improvement is also getting a boost from a booming real estate market, causing a lot of people to make needed updates, investments and improvements in order to sell. Both trends are evident in the New England area, and the driving force behind Window Nation, the 5th largest window replacement company in the U.S., to open its second location in the New England area in Hartford (1070 North Farm Rd., Unit 1 in Willingford), adding both new jobs and in-demand home solutions to the area. The company will service the Hartford/New Haven areas as well as southwestern Massachusetts.

According to a recent study out of Harvard, economists who study consumers have noted how, during the pandemic, households are shifting their spending patterns: less for travel and vacations, concerts, shows, eating out, entertaining, and commuting, and more for housing. Additionally, the pandemic has pushed more millennials into homeownership and home improvement projects.

“We’re of course excited by the increase our industry is having across the board, especially because it means we were able to keep our team employed, but we’re still very much in the middle of a pandemic and have had to adjust our approach so that our customers, as well as our employees, are always safe,” explained Harley Magden, CEO of Window Nation, a company he started with his brother, Aaron, 15 years ago. “This means offering virtual visits and estimates as options, contactless installations and with so many in-person home shows cancelled, we launched a virtual one online to help people with the process and home-centric projects in general.”

Window Nation’s continued growth in the New England area is based on these factors, plus the city’s booming housing market where experts at RE/MAX site the Hartford area as having the third highest home sales in the nation. According to a recent study by the realtor, sales in the Hartford metro area blew past the national increase of 21.1% compared with a year earlier.

The Hartford showroom will sell replacement windows to fit every style, as well as budget, and will have experts on hand to walk customers through the home renovation process, including vinyl options, colors, sizes, styles and more. Customers are encouraged to schedule an appointment prior to visiting the showroom. The Window Nation team is following strict CDC guidelines including social distancing, enhanced cleaning practices, protective equipment and screenings for every appointment.

In an effort to ensure the safety of all customers, employees and their families amid COVID-19, the company is also offering residents the option to receive a virtual consultation and estimate via video conferencing. Homeowners can upload photos to receive precise measurements, and installs are completed outside with minimal disruption. Depending on a customer’s individual preferences, needs and circumstances, Window Nation experts are still available to provide in- home consultations and education, while strictly adhering to CDC safety and sanitation guidelines.

The Magden brothers, who literally grew up in the window business, started the company in 2006 and now operate in 15 markets across the country. The company provides an unsurpassed selection of premium windows, doors and siding installed by highly skilled, licensed professionals. The company has replaced over 1 million windows in Chicago, Boston, St. Louis, Kansas City, Maryland, Washington, D.C., northern Virginia, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Hartford, Indianapolis, Charlotte, Columbus, Cincinnati and northeast Ohio. Learn more here.


You’ve finally had enough. Last winter showed record-low temperatures for you and your home. For four long months, you’ve had to choose between ridiculously high heating bills or uncomfortably frigid temperatures within your own home. You can’t handle another moment of the inefficient and outdated windows in your home any longer. It’s time to replace them.

But where’s the best place to start? Well, the answer isn’t as simple as it might seem. 

It’d be easy to do a quick search through Google to find popular window replacement companies in your area, and entrust them with the project. However, this can be a huge risk that many don’t even realize. 

There are hundreds of window replacement companies out there, which means there are quite a few that lack the expertise and technical skill required to properly replace your windows. You can’t afford to take this gamble when it comes to your home. Luckily, there are quite a few red flags that these window replacement companies exhibit before they oversell… and underdeliver on their promises.

The Jack of All Trades

When you need a window replaced, would you rather hire a home specialist or a window specialist? It’s not a decision you really need to rack your brain over. Installing a proper window replacement requires years of knowledge and proficiency. When you hire companies that advertise window replacement right alongside home decor and kitchen renovations, it’s apparent that they offer too many “above-par” services without offering truly high quality for any of them specifically.

When a “home specialist” provides a window replacement service, they probably aren’t the Encyclopedia Britannica on standards for this service. They’ll typically hire whatever contractor they can find, and trust that the contractor has the proper knowledge of the trade. Meanwhile, window specialists are dedicated professionals that understand the ins and outs of window replacement.

The Skimmer

When you ask window replacement companies for an estimate, you should be able to have confidence that they’re properly assessing your property. However, some of these companies could basically offer you the same estimate without even looking at your home. They have a hyperformulaic blueprint of the window replacement job, and they overcharge you to account for potential subversions of their plan. So, this contractor will likely take very little time for an estimate.

For a proper assessment, a window replacement assessor should take anywhere from 60-90 minutes depending on the size of your home. This accounts for precise measurements, visualizing procedures, and accurate documentation. If the estimate falls too far short of 60 minutes, they could not have appropriately examined your home.

The Vague Estimator

Some window replacement companies will attempt to make their estimates vague and unintuitive. This is likely an attempt to overcharge the client. When receiving an estimate from a window replacement company, everything should be accounted for, including proper names of materials and exact procedures. This ensures that protocols are not being overlooked in the process, and the company can see to it that billing is orderly.

The most important thing you can do as a homeowner is to ask questions! “What procedures will you be using?” “Will there be any fees for this service?” “What does this mean?” These types of questions will keep contractors from hiding information from you, and the answers will alert you as to whether the company you hire knows what they’re doing.

The Desperate Salesman

When replacing your windows, it’s ideal to seek out multiple estimates from different window replacement companies. This way, you can make sure that you find the best price for the project. However, this is a major issue for companies that overcharge their customers. They attempt to work around this by offering “limited-time deals.”

If the company attempts to aggressively rush you into using their service, these “limited-time deals” are often their regular price in disguise. An experienced window specialist prioritizes the homeowner, which means that they don’t feel the need to rush clients into a deal.

Replacement Windows from Window Nation

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