Be Safe and Save Money Going Back to School

It’s hard to believe, but it’s that time of year again where parents jump for joy and children mourn the loss of the carefree, lazy days of summer. The treasured times of splashing through the wading pool in the park, chasing the ice cream truck through the neighborhood, or staying up late to watch a movie have come to an end, and the big yellow busses will be rolling once again beginning September 8 in the greater Philadelphia area. Although many parents enjoy the routine of the school year, getting ready to start can sometimes cause stress and financial burden.

There are a few tricks to help you save time and money when buying those back to school supplies you need for the first day of school.

  • Check ads and compare prices. Even a few cents here and there adds up
  • Make a list by store of the best deals and shop from your list
  • Buy bulk when the deals are great – like $0.10 notebooks – they don’t go bad!
  • Don’t overlook office supply stores for great deals on things like index cards and pens
  • Buy clothing at the end of year sales for huge savings and stock up for next year

Don’t spare expense when shopping for a backpack. This is the one area where saving money will cost you in the long run. The cheaper backpacks have to be replaced several times a year, but if you spend the extra up front on an LL Bean or Lands End pack it should be one and done for several years.

Safety is another issue that must be dealt with when starting a new school year. Remind your children to never talk to strangers – even to give directions. Adults should never need the assistance of a child, so any adult stranger trying to approach your child is a potential risk. When children need to walk to school or even just to the bus stop, it is wise to institute the buddy system. Staying with the group of kids offers safety. They should be taught to never take a ride from anyone other than a parent – even a family friend – unless they have been specifically told that it is ok by a teacher or administrator. Teach your child that if they are being followed they should shout and make a huge scene to draw attention to themselves while moving quickly in the opposite direction or toward a very public place such as a store. Most importantly, spend time with your children developing a comfortable talking relationship while things are safe so that they will be able to talk with you if things become scary.

Window Nation is wishing you and your family a very safe and productive school year.


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