Beat The Summer Heat With New Windows

Now that the summer weather is finally here, go ahead and crank that A/C! If you’ve already been doing that for the last month but you fear your air conditioning unit isn’t working as well as it was last year, there’s a possibility your A/C unit isn’t to blame. Could it be your windows? The pros at Window Nation have come across many windows in our time that need replacing because they are old and they are allowing heated or cooled air to seep out around the seals. Sometimes these windows are even allowing water to seep indoors, which can damage not only the windows, but the framing around the windows. Rotting window frames not only cause problems for your home’s structure, but they can attract wood damaging insects and can eventually cost you a lot of money.

To help avoid leaky windows that are letting out all your air conditioned air this summer, our pros recommend having your windows replaced. Here are just a few of the amazing benefits of replacement windows from the professionals at Window Nation:

  • Replacing your windows can improve the comfort of your home, both in the summer and winter months! You will almost immediately see a difference in your cooling and heating costs; some people have even been able to lower their energy costs by more than 25%!
  • When you have windows installed by the Washington D.C. window professionals at Window Nation, you will know that it is done correctly and exactly to the manufacturer’s specifications. Each window installation team has a Master Installer that is trained to install windows perfectly, so there are no leaks or gaps around windows and they are as energy efficient as possible.
  • Summer is lawn mowing season, which means that it can get kinda noisy in your neighborhood! Replacement windows from Window Nation are often good at reducing noise transfer from the outside in, which can leave your home feeling quieter and more serene, even in the middle of the weekend when everyone and their neighbor is mowing the lawn!
  • Choosing windows with a low-e coating can reflect solar heat, which can help to keep your home cool. In the winter, a low-e coating can reflect ambient heat back into your home’s interior, which can help cut heat loss from conductance.

As you can see, replacement windows in your home can do a lot for the comfort of your home as well as for your wallet! If you’ve been thinking about getting your old and drafty windows replaced, or if your air conditioning unit isn’t failing but your home is still not quite cool enough, give Window Nation a call to learn more about replacement windows. In Washington D.C. and throughout our service area, we’d be happy to discuss the many benefits of replacement windows for your home. For more information about our quality replacement windows, check out our energy efficient replacement windows!

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