Benefits Of Double Hung Windows

Windows are available in just about any shape and many styles. You can get trapezoids, round windows, or even triangles! While all these are fun and can certainly add flair, the traditional window that has stood the test of time is the double hung style. But just because double hung windows have become the ‘default’ choice, Window Nation’s double hung windows have a lot of benefits that make them an excellent choice for any home.

Double Hung Windows Are Easy to Use

Our double hung windows here at Window Nation are precision manufactured to your custom specifications on our modern, multi-million dollar equipment. Basically, our double hung windows are perfectly made for you!

Operation of these sashes up and down to vent and close will be almost effortless. We use an ultra-easy balance system that allows the sashes to be operated with only 22 pounds of pressure instead of the more common balancers that need 50 pounds or more to move.

Double Hung Windows Provide an Increased Sense of Security and Safety

One of the often overlooked benefits of double hung windows is the security they provide for your home. Most of our double hung windows come with two security locks for extra protection. Vent limiting latches are standard on all our windows allowing you to have multiple venting stages with the security of knowing that they are locked in position.

Double Hung Windows Maintenance: Easy to Clean

Who doesn’t love clean windows! All of our double hung windows are tilt wash. Tilt wash double hung windows have sashes that easily tilt in for cleaning, making cleaning windows an easy chore.

Energy Efficient Double Hung Windows

Our double hung windows have deluxe polypropylene poly-fin weather stripping to make them more weather tight. Our frames are welded and fused together to form a solid barrier between the inside of your home and the outdoors. And we have a variety of glass options to further increase the energy efficiency of your windows.

Double Hung Windows From Window Nation

Hopefully, we’ve been able to answer your questions on the benefits of double hung windows. No matter your specific style or taste, there is a double hung window just for you. From vinyl to wood, various glass options, and different frame colors, there are many options to choose from. Contact Window Nation today to learn more about our replacement double hung window options!

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