Kansas City Summer Home Improvement Projects

As the middle of the middle – the metropolitan area closest to the geographical center of the lower 48 states – Kansas City is rough on homes. It’s a startlingly beautiful place to live. At the confluence of two wide rivers, with cliffs to the north and south, the city integrates the natural and the manmade beautifully, with one of the more extensive park systems found anywhere in the country.

But it’s hard on homes.  The region sees some of America’s most extreme temperature swings. It’s hot in the summer. It’s cold in the winter. It’s subject to some legendary storms. It’s also wet in late spring and early summer.

That leaves KC area residents with a narrow window for summer home renovations.  Some projects are much easier to complete when the weather is fair.  With many of us spending more time than ever before in our homes this year, the summer of 2020 is the perfect time to spruce up the homes we love. 

Here are eight home improvement projects to consider now, while the weather is right.

Make Roof Repairs

First things first – new shingles need heat.  The summer sun helps them bond to a weathertight seal. Whether replacing the entire roof or just patching up damage from windy winters and the inevitable flex-and-bend of age, roof projects are a summer task.

Stain and Protect Decks and Porches

Few home improvements are as cost-effective as staining your outdoor wood.  For the cost of a few cans of protectant and an afternoon in the sun, you can both boost the curb appeal of your home, and ensure that your deck and porch last years without the need for major repairs.

Replace Windows

It’s the winter that most often tells you whether your windows need to be replaced, as the cold finds every tiny gap it can seep through.  But summer is the ideal time to fix the problem.  Window Nation can replace your windows year-round, but the work is often easiest on homeowners when the weather is mild – and you’ll notice the benefits quickly with decreased cooling costs.

Whether you’re considering an energy-saving overhaul of all your windows, or the enhancing your home’s curb appeal with a single statement window, a consultation is free.

Upgrade A Door

There may be no more dramatic way to change the first impression your house creates than replacing the front door.  Often surprisingly affordable, a new door can remake the look of a home in a single afternoon. But, like window replacement, the process of installing a new door opens your home to the elements for a few hours – so it’s best done when the weather is mild.

Update Your Landscaping

When it comes to home improvements, nothing offers more bang-for-your-buck than yard work.  It can be as simple as a few hours of weeding, or as invigorating as a weekend of creating new flower beds that both beautify your home and minimize your time spent mowing. With more of us spending time at home in 2020, gardening projects can offer an educational opportunity for kids and even cut your shopping costs and improve your diet with fresh, home-grown vegetables.

Repaint, Replace, or Clean Your Siding

Clear summer days offer the best opportunity to spruce up the appearance of your home, and nothing does more for your home’s appearance than a refresh of the siding that covers it.

That can mean painting wood siding, power washing vinyl, or, if you’re looking to make a long-term investment, replacing aging wood with new vinylVinyl siding offers the warm, inviting appearance of wood, but is more durable and resistant to fading.  It’s also lower maintenance.

Window Nation’s exclusive Trimworks® decorative accents can give your home the beauty of a handcrafted look for a low investment. Our color matching system ensures you'll find the shade that matches, complements or contrasts with your siding perfectly.

Invest in Outdoor Lighting

It’s easy to love your home on a beautiful summer evening. Mild temperatures and gentle breezes make family time in the yard memorable and simple. An outdoor lighting project can extend those hours, and with many solar-powered options, make a remarkably small dent in your budget.

Clean or Replace Your Gutters

Your home’s rain protection system will be tested by those early summer storms. If it’s up to the task, a simple cleaning will help it perform efficiently, and is easiest to do on a clear summer day.

If it needs work, a new RainPro gutter system might be in order. RainPro systems are engineered to be unobtrusive, never spoiling the beauty of your home, while allowing for maximum water flow to protect your home in the most intense of storms. Window Nation’s RainPro installations come with the security of a lifetime warranty.

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