Brighten Your Home With New Windows This Holiday

Does your home feel dark and dreary? Do you wish that you could let the joy of light in and feel the warmth that the sun can bring? Here are a few ideas that can help your home seem brighter and feel that way!

Replacing your old dreary windows with new vinyl replacement windows will let in more light and keep more of your precious heat inside your home. New windows are made with clear, and beautiful glass that lets in more natural light than the windows of old. The style of window you choose really depends on your room and ventilation needs. For example, if it’s just light that you are looking for, maybe a picture window will be the perfect answer. Or, if its ventilation, ease of use and light that you need, choosing a double hung window will fit the bill. With just one phone call to the professionals at Window Nation you will be taking the first step towards lightening up your home up for the holidays and for every day. Our professionals will measure and assess your lighting needs and present you with a custom window replacement plan for your home.

If replacing your windows isn’t an option, then there are a few other steps that you can take to let more light into your home. Removing curtains that are constantly shadowing and blocking sunlight and replacing them with light window blinds will aid in your quest for more light. Having window blinds enables you to set aside the shade during the day and pull them down for when you desire privacy. Blinds come in many styles and light blocking capacities. This small change can make a big difference on the allowance of light coming in through your windows.

If replacing your windows and changing your window accessories still doesn’t add enough light and warmth to your spaces, then you can repaint your walls to a light color and this will not only brighten your rooms on its own, it will reflect more of the light that is coming in. Utilizing lighter colors on your walls will also make each space seem bigger.

Strategic placement of a mirror or two will also move light around. Changing out your light bulbs for more energy efficient and bright bulbs, like a LED bulb, will brighten your home for less money for many years to come! There are many ways to increase the light in your home. Knowing which will work for your space, time and budget is up to you. Increase your warmth, love and joy this holiday season and for years to come by letting more light into your home.

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