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Buying Replacement Windows: Mistakes to Avoid

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Date: 08.11.2018

As of 2014, consumers were purchasing more than $31 billion in new windows and doors. Enticing these consumers to replace old windows were tax credits for qualified windows, increased energy efficiency in the home, and a boost to home values that positively affected home sale prices. While there are many reasons to replace old windows, there is a lot of misinformation out there when it comes to shopping for replacement windows. Find out the questions to ask when buying replacement windows to get the right windows for your home and avoid top window buying mistakes.

Mistakes to Avoid When Shopping for Replacement Windows


Buying Replacement Windows Based on Cost Alone

The most costly mistake with replacement windows is shopping based on cost alone. At Window Nation, we believe that no one should need to replace their replacement windows. Yet all too often, consumers who buy bottom-line windows wind up doing just that -- and far before the quoted lifespan of the replacement windows! Remember that you get what you pay for with windows, so buy the best you can afford. It's an investment in your home.

Restricting Your Choices to Your Current Windows

There are more choices for windows now than when your home was built, and you've got far more choices than wood vs. vinyl. Rather than replace windows with the same type, learn about advances in windows and decide what's right for you.

Not Hiring the Right Window Installer

Some handy people think they can install their own windows. In reality, only a few people can do this the right way. Many who try the DIY route wind up hiring a window installer to fix things.


Top Questions to Ask When Buying Replacement Windows

Once you've chosen the right windows, ask questions to ensure that the window installer you're thinking of hiring has the right experience for the job. We recommend you ask the following questions:

Are you licensed, insured, and certified?

If your new windows are not installed properly, they will fail sooner rather than later. Many window companies will not honor their warranties if a contractor erred in the installation, which leaves you on the hook for repair.

For your own protection, you must hire a contractor who is licensed, insured, and certified. If a contractor is injured installing your windows and they don't have insurance, you may be liable to pay their medical bills.

Certification provides third-party proof that an installer has been trained in how to install doors and windows to the manufacturer's specifications.

How much experience do you have and can you provide references?

It's worth it to pay a little more for a window installer with a proven track record in the business. Find out how much experience a window installer has. Don't take a window installer at their word; ask them to provide references. Then call the references or check consumer review sites to see how satisfied customers are with their windows.

What is the cost and what does that cover?

Window installers set their own costs. Some charge for estimates, while others provide free estimates. Finish work, which includes interior and exterior trim, may not be included. So you can compare estimates accurately and budget for the windows you need, you must ask about costs when planning for replacement windows.

For more tips for buying replacement windows or more information on replacement windows in general check out our blog. Our window replacement experts are always available to help you make the right choice for your home, contact us or schedule your free in-home estimate today to get started.

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