It’s not always easy to determine if it’s time to replace your windows. For most homeowners, it’s clear: your windows might be old and drafty, or they could be original to your home. However, for some homeowners, it might not be as obvious. In fact, your windows might not have any noticeable signs that it’s time for them to be replaced. In that case, how do you know your windows need to be replaced? Our window replacement experts compiled a list of warning signs you need to be aware of before you start your project.


If you notice condensation between your windowpanes, we highly recommend replacing your windows. Moisture between the panes of glass is a telltale sign your seals have failed – an issue that isn’t easily fixed. If you notice seal failure, you might be able to replace the panes of glass; however, you’ll need to contact your window manufacturer for more information. In most cases, your windows will need to be replaced to fix the issue. Replacement windows from Window Nation are built with top-of-the-line window glass to ensure your windows remain condensation-free for years to come.


Drafts are one of the most noticeable signs it’s time to replace your windows. Your old windows often become drafty over time, allowing the comfortable air from inside your home to escape. You might feel the air from outside in your home when you stand close to your windows, or you might notice higher energy bills. Energy loss through old, drafty windows accounts for nearly one third of your heating and cooling costs – start saving money by upgrading your old, drafty windows with modern replacement windows from Window Nation.

Hot to the Touch in Warmer Weather

Outdated replacement windows are often single pane with little protection from the warm air outside. If you notice your windows are hot to the touch in the summer, your windows are most likely poorly insulated. We recommend upgrading your windows with modern, well-insulated replacement windows to prevent the hot summer air from entering your home.

Cold to the Touch in Colder Weather

Insulation issues only get worse in the winter – if you notice your windows are cold to the touch in cooler weather, you’ll need to upgrade your windows. Modern replacement windows are well-insulated to keep your home comfortable even in the coldest of temperatures. Well-insulated windows are particularly important in colder areas like Boston, Kansas City or Indianapolis – if you notice your windows are cold to the touch, we recommend meeting with an exterior design consultant at Window Nation to discuss our replacement window options.

Cracked or Broken Window Frames

A small crack in your window frame might not be the most urgent issue; however, it’s important to fix the cracks before they spread. If you catch a crack early enough, you might be able to repair the crack with no issues. However, if the crack continues to spread, it might be time to replace the window.

Cracked Windowpanes

Unlike cracked window frames, a crack in your windowpanes is a major issue that needs to be addressed. Cracked windowpanes aren’t just unsightly: they could spread and cause bigger problems for your home’s energy efficiency. You could replace the cracked pane with replacement window glass; however, in some cases, it’s best to replace the entire window. If your windows are more than fifteen years old or original to your home, window replacement could save you money in the long run.

Outdated and Unsightly Windows

Sometimes your windows might function well, but they look old and outdated. If your home needs a curb appeal boost, we recommend replacing your windows with modern replacement windows from Window Nation. Our windows are custom-made to fit your home’s needs. We offer a variety of style and color options, so you can find the perfect fit for your home.

Want to Learn More About our Windows?

When you’re ready to start your window replacement project, schedule an estimate with one of our exterior design consultants. Our team will discuss your project with you and go over your options so you can find the best windows, doors, and siding for your home. You’ll then receive a quote good for up to six months. Schedule your in-home estimate today at

The weather has turned suddenly across much of the United States. Not all of us saw the 55 degree drop that hit parts of the Rockies in a single day this month, but summer has come to an end and fall is taking over nearly everywhere.

It’s a welcome relief, in many ways. In this year so unlike any other, a break from high temperatures and a return to school for the kids, even if it’s virtual in many places, brings something like normalcy. But it also brings drafts from the windows clogged gutters, and expanding cracks in our sidewalks.

One good weekend of outdoor work in lovely weather can get your home ready for the lower temperatures we know are coming. Here are twelve easy ways to prepare your home for autumn.

Fertilize the Lawn

A brown lawn in spring is caused by neglect in fall. A lush, green lawn in spring is caused by a single hour of effort now. Fertilizing in fall fortifies your lawn’s root system for the winter, so it’s ready to grow come spring’s thaw. The ideal time, experts say, is 3 weeks before the first frost. For most of the country, that means early-to-mid October

Plant Bulbs and Winter Vegetables

While you’re working on beautifying the lawn, why not plant some color that will surprise you in the spring? Bulbs go into the ground in September or October in order to bloom in spring, and there are few more rewarding signs that the cold of winter has faded than the first folds of new lilies and tulips coming through the mulch.

This year, with more Americans stuck at home than ever before, gardening has made a long-delayed comeback. But the wilting of your summer tomato plants doesn’t mean your days of eating what you grow are over. Winter-hardy vegetables like broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and English peas can tolerate even a hard frost. October is the best time to put them in the ground.

Clean the Gutters

When autumn leaves start falling, gutters start clogging. To avoid water damage from overflowing gutters, and even worse, winter ice dams that can damage your roof, you’ll need to clean the gutters now.

Wash Windows and Repair Screens

Summer rains and splatter have probably left your windows less than clear. This is the perfect time to clean them, while being outside is still so pleasant.

And while you’re working on them, take note of any tears in the screens. Replacing screening material is surprisingly cheap and easy to do, so why let insects into your home when you open the windows to let the glorious early fall air in?

If you’re considering window replacement, autumn is an ideal time – easier than opening the envelope of your home to winter’s cold (though a good window replacement expert can safely do that, as well).

Inspect Siding for Flaws

Speaking of the envelope of your home, you’ll want it to be tight and secure when winter’s cold comes. One of these beautiful fall days is the perfect opportunity to walk around and do a thorough inspection of your siding. Small cracks or displacements can be repaired, or replaced if necessary, to ensure insulation before it’s needed.

Seal Cracks Around Doors and Windows

The second step of weatherproofing your home’s exterior is to reseal around doors and windows. Caulking small openings, or replacing worn weatherstripping, can eliminate drafts that cost you comfort and raise your heating bill.

Clean and Reverse Ceiling Fans

Another way to minimize your heating bill is to ensure that warm air circulates properly around your home. The same ceiling fans that helped cool you in summer can help warm you in winter – reversing the motion of the blades will circulate warm air around the room without producing a downdraft that makes you feel colder. But you’ll want to clean dust from the blades before you do it.

Seal Driveway and Sidewalk Cracks

The repeated heating and cooling of seasonal temperature changes inevitably creates cracks in asphalt and concrete. They’ll expand this fall, as the material cools from a hot summer of expansion. Before neighborhood kids tromp up to your door in costume this October, take a day to fill in the cracks.

Change Furnace Filters

If you have an old-fashioned furnace, you’re probably already changing the filters monthly. But many newer units have annual filters, or other long-life air filtration systems that only need cleaning once a season or so. Since winter will tax the furnace to its fullest, cleaning or changing filters now is essential to keeping your system in shape.

Change Smoke Detector Batteries

While you’re busy doing these home maintenance chores you don’t have to revisit monthly, change the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, just to be safe.

Check on Your Winter Equipment

The worst time to find out that your snow shovel has cracked is just after the first snow falls. Before the cold gets here, start the snowblower (if you live where you need one) to ensure it functions after three seasons of rest, check your shovels to make sure they’ll work, and stock up on ice melter before the first forecast snow of the season drives the price up.

Clean Storage Areas

Finally, recognize that we all tend to acquire stuff when we’re stuck inside all winter. Be ready for it by giving away some old stuff. Fall is a great time to sort through your closets and make space.

Replacement window projects can be costly, but did you know your existing windows could be costing you even more money? Your old, drafty windows are letting the comfortable air inside your home out, causing your energy bills to skyrocket. Why continue to waste your money month after month? Upgrade your outdated windows with modern replacement windows from Windows Nation. You’ll enjoy an energy efficiency boost, helping you save money on your energy bills for years to come. You might even be abler to recoup some of the cost of your project: replacement windows have one of the highest returns on investment when it comes time to sell your home. We understand replacement windows are an investment, but you’ll enjoy savings for years to come.

Energy Efficiency Boost

Your old, outdated windows could be causing your energy bills to skyrocket. Energy loss through old, drafty windows accounts for nearly 40% of your heating and cooling costs – start saving money by replacing your windows with modern replacement windows from Window Nation. Our replacement windows are built with premium energy efficiency features to keep your energy bills low no matter the season. Our windows are available in wood or vinyl styles, each built with top-of-the-line materials to maintain their energy efficiency for years to come.

All Window Nation windows are available in double pane and triple pane glass options to help you save money on your energy bills. If you’re looking for energy savings at a wallet-friendly price, consider choosing double pane windows. Double pane windows are built with two panes of Low-E coated glass to eliminate drafts. For maximum energy savings, consider upgrading to triple pane windows. These windows offer the same benefits as double pane windows, but with a third glass pane for superior energy efficiency. No matter the style you choose, all Window Nation windows have Argon gas between the panes and Super Spacer technology to eliminate drafts and keep your home comfortable year-round.

Return on Investment

It might seem counterproductive but it’s important to make upgrades before selling your home to attract potential buyers. Though window replacement might not be the most glamorous project, it’s one of the best projects to complete before listing your home. Vinyl window replacement offers a 72% return on investment when it comes time to sell your home, offering some of the best value in home improvement. Most homebuyers are interested in purchasing a home that’s energy efficient and move-in ready, and replacement windows will give your home an advantage. Potential buyers will love the curb appeal boost and energy savings, making your home more appealing.

Low Maintenance

When you upgrade your existing windows to modern replacement windows, you won’t have to worry about costly maintenance. Our windows are built with top-of-the-line materials that are built to last. Our windows are fade-proof and easy to clean, keeping maintenance to a minimum. If something does go wrong with your windows, your windows will be covered by a lifetime warranty and a dedicated team of customer service professionals who will repair your windows at little to no cost.

Want to Learn More About our Windows?

When you’re ready to start your window replacement project, schedule an estimate with one of our exterior design consultants. Our team will discuss your project with you and go over your options so you can find the best windows, doors, and siding for your home. You’ll then receive a quote good for up to six months. Schedule your in-home estimate today at

There’s nothing better than Maryland in Fall. Cool temperatures, colorful foliage, and low humidity – what’s not to like? Because of the mild weather conditions in the state, Fall is also one of the best times for homeowners to start a home improvement project. The comfortable weather is ideal for work inside or outside your home, giving you an opportunity to make much-needed upgrades before winter.

Consider starting a home improvement project in the Fall to prepare your home for cooler temperatures. Take time to inspect your home, looking out for any signs of wear or damage that could be harmful come winter. Before the temperatures drop, be sure to make any necessary upgrades or repairs to keep your home running smoothly all season long.

Replace Your Windows

Keep your home comfortable through the cold Baltimore winters with replacement windows from Window Nation. Our modern replacement windows will eliminate drafts and keep your home insulated from the bitter winter cold. Replacement windows from Window Nation are built with premium energy efficiency features to keep your home well-insulated throughout the cold months. Choose from wood or vinyl windows, each available with double pane or triple pane glass for maximum energy efficiency. Our replacement windows are available in a variety of styles and colors to give your Maryland home the curb appeal boost it needs for the holidays.

Have Your HVAC System Serviced

Before the temperatures drop, be sure to have your HVAC system serviced. Maryland fall and winters can be brutal, and you don’t want to be stuck without heat on the coldest day of the year. Consider contacting a professional to service your furnace to ensure it runs smoothly all winter long.

Upgrade to Vinyl Siding

You can do more to improve your home’s energy efficiency than just replacing your windows. Consider upgrading your old, outdated siding to modern vinyl siding from Window Nation. Our vinyl siding is made with top-of-the-line vinyl to keep your siding looking brand-new for years to come. We offer a variety of color and trim options to give your home the curb appeal boost it needs this fall. No matter the combination you choose, vinyl siding from Window Nation is Energy Star certified, helping you save money on your energy bills all season long.

You also won’t have to worry about costly, time-consuming repairs come winter: our siding is engineered to avoid splitting, peeling or rotting. Vinyl siding from Window Nation is engineered to deliver greater durability and wind resistance, standing up against all Maryland weather conditions.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

If you’re looking to boost your home’s energy efficiency, consider installing a programmable thermostat. You’ll be able to control your home’s temperature while you’re away through the convenience of an app. You can quickly monitor your home’s temperature, raising or lowering the temperature to meet your home’s needs. The added temperature control will help you save money on your energy bills year-round!

Replace Your Entry Doors

Have you noticed your entry doors looking a little worse for wear? Your doors undergo significant wear-and-tear in the warmer months with guests coming and going frequently. If your doors are wooden or original to your home, you may notice drafts or poor insulation, causing your energy bills to skyrocket. Consider upgrading your entry door with updated fiberglass or steel entry doors from Window Nation this fall. Our doors are well-insulated and energy efficient, keeping your home comfortable no matter the season. You’ll also enjoy added security thanks to a multi-point locking system standard on all entry doors. We also offer sliding doors and French doors if you’re looking to upgrade your interior doors.

Ready to Start Your Project?

When you’re ready to start your window replacement project, schedule an estimate with one of our exterior design consultants. Our team will discuss your project with you and go over your options so you can find the best windows, doors, and siding for your home. You’ll then receive a quote good for up to six months. Schedule your in-home estimate today at

FULTON, MD – (August 20, 2020) – Window Nation, one of the country’s leading home remodeling companies, has once again earned a spot on the Inc. 5000 list for 2020. Each year, Inc. Magazine honors the top private companies in the U.S. according to percentage of revenue growth. In addition, the company, owned by brothers Harley and Aaron Magden, was named the 7th largest company in the country in the replacement/home improvement category and the 4th largest for replacement windows, according to Qualified Remodeler.

This marks the fourth year Window Nation was included on the Inc. Magazine list, first making it in 2014. Qualified Remodeler Magazine ranked Window Nation based on its gross sales, remodeling gross sales and the number of remodeling jobs completed annually.  

The Window Nation team currently services 12 markets throughout the U.S. and brings decades of home remodeling experience to its customers. The co-founders and brothers grew up in the business as third-generation window replacement experts, learning first-hand from their father and grandfather, before starting their own company in 2006.    

“This isn’t the year any of us wanted, but it’s the year we got,” said Aaron Magden, co-owner and president. “To say we are proud of how our team rallied, supported customers – and each other – would be an understatement. We are once again recognized by these publications fully because of our dedicated staff and loyal customers. We are in awe of their passion, creativity and determination, this year especially. And are thrilled to celebrate this good news with them.”

2020 was a banner year for Window Nation, who celebrated their one millionth window installation. The company also expanded into the Boston market, servicing cities between New Hampshire and Rhode Island, St. Louis and Kansas City.

About Window Nation: Window Nation was started in 2006 by two brothers who literally grew up in the window business, learning about home improvement, customer care and the difference a quality window can make. The company provides an unsurpassed selection of premium windows, doors and siding installed by highly skilled, licensed professionals. The company has replaced over 1,000,000 windows in Maryland, Washington, D.C., northern Virginia, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Indianapolis, Charlotte, St. Louis, Kansas City, Boston, Columbus and northeast Ohio. Learn more here.

We tend to miss the big stuff.

When we think of the energy efficiency of our homes, we’ve been trained by decades of advertising to think of windows and Energy Star appliance ratings. We rarely consider the material that covers the house. That’s a mistake.

Put simply, the key to an energy efficient home is an efficient envelope that seals your interior against the effects of weather. To keep in the air you pay to cool in summer and heat in winter, you need the most airtight seal you can get.

That envelope is made up of the walls of your home, inside and out. Layers of paint, drywall, studs with insulation between them, and exterior material are what separates your air-conditioned comfort from the humid heat of this brutal summer.

That exterior material can be made of many things, and each performs differently.

Engineers measure the energy efficiency of insulation with R-value – a measurement of how well the material resists heat flow. Most state building codes require homes to have a R-value of 13, and most exterior materials make up a fairly small portion of that value. Brick or stone veneer, for instance, has an R-value of 0.11, according to tests performed by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers.

Traditional vinyl siding has an R-value of about 0.61 – nearly five times as efficient.

And, you’ll notice, we just used the word “traditional.” There are better options.

Insulated vinyl siding – vinyl backed with foam insulation bonded permanently to the siding panels – carries an R-value from 2 to 5.

Insulated vinyl siding, according to some studies, can cut your heating bills by as much as 20 percent. It’s also more durable than traditional home cladding, better withstanding impacts from storms, and errant neighborhood baseballs. It even offers better noise insulation.

Window Nation’s reinforced siding is installed with our custom Fullback® Insulation backing, giving our siding a rock-solid feel and improved energy performance. The exceptional permeability of Fullback® also provides protection against rot, mold and mildew as well as deters pest infestation with a built-in pest control agent.

Proper installation is vital – even small gaps and imperfections not easily visible can compromise that weathertight seal (the reason insulated vinyl has such a variable R-rating comes down to the skill of the installer). A replacement project also offers the opportunity to consider other weatherproofing projects, such as installing a new homewrap while the siding is off.

It also offers the opportunity to express yourself through your home’s design. While traditional vinyl siding was available only in a limited range of light colors, newer technologies mean a huge range of custom colors is available. Our Trimworks® decorative trim accents allow you to customize your home’s look, with handcrafted trim details around windows, doors, corners and outside eaves.

Properly installed, vinyl siding can improve the look, durability, and energy efficiency of your home for 20 years.

There are many reasons vinyl siding has become the most popular choice in America for both new home construction and remodeling projects. It delivers the warm, quality appearance of wood without the costly, time consuming maintenance and repairs. Vinyl siding won't split, peel, or rot. Because the color goes clear through the panel, vinyl never needs to be scraped, stained, or painted.

And, with our Fullback insulation, it’s the most energy efficient option.

Let’s face it – by late summer, your house has taken a beating.

Even if you made an effort to restore after the ravages of winter, the hot sun has weathered paint and burned bare spots into the lawn, the humidity has warped any loose trim and forced condensation into tiny gaps in the windows, and the storms of August have thrown high winds and small branches into the siding.

With most of us spending more time at home than in a normal year, we’re spotting these little imperfections, and we know – it’s time to touch up the house a bit before the weather turns again and it’s winter winds we’re worried about.

The house will look best in autumn’s golden hour, anyway.  Best to get it ready now.

Here are a few ways to boost your home’s appeal and improve its durability this month, from cheap afternoon projects to investments for the long-haul.

Refresh the Driveway

To make a destination seem lovely, improve the path. 

Late summer is the best time to resurface an asphalt driveway – the new surface will dry quickest in the heat, and driveway can’t expand further, which creates bubbles and buckle marks.

Concrete driveways can benefit from a cleaning in August as well, while raking a few bags of new stone over a stone driveway helps renew it after heavy rains have brought mud to the surface.

Replace or Repair Siding

Vinyl siding has decades of durability, keeping its fresh appearance for its entire lifetime, thanks to the way color goes all the way through the panel – there’s no surface to wear off in summer storms.  It’s also energy efficient, thanks to new technologies like custom Fullback® Insulation backing, making it an investment in decades of savings on energy bills.

Summer is the best time to replace your siding, shoring up the envelope of your home before winter cold tests it.

While a full siding replacement is a great long-term investment, many homes can benefit from a less intensive project instead—simply repairing any damage or panels that have slipped out of alignment goes a long way toward boosting curb appeal.

Update the Trim

A full siding project will make your home look new, but so will a less-than-full replacement, focused on the trim.

With Trimworks® decorative trim accents, Window Nation can give your home the distinctive appeal of handcrafted beauty in just a day of work.  Custom trim around windows and doors, and decorative bands and columns can give your home the appeal of a classic, craftsman look, while retaining the decades-long durability of modern vinyl.

Refresh the Landscaping

By August, the flowers you planted in late spring have withered, while the weeds in your garden beds are thriving.

A few hours spent weeding can refresh the look of your home, and be a meditative project good for your own peace of mind.  New mulch to replace what summer storms have washed away is a small expense that goes a long way in giving you pride in your home. 

And in this year, when many of us have rediscovered the joys of growing our own food, a late-summer garden is a satisfying project.  Cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, and carrots are just a few of the foods that thrive when put into the ground late in the summer.

Paint or Clean the Exterior

Wood exteriors can look brand new with just a coat of paint.  Updating vinyl and masonry exteriors is even easier – a simple power washing can renew your home’s color, and you don’t even have to climb a ladder to do it.

Replace Windows

Old, weathered windows aren’t just an energy problem.  They also date the look of a house.

Whether you want the classic beauty of wood or the modern, low-maintenance convenience of vinyl, replacing your home’s windows can completely remake the way your house looks.  They’ll also save you money every month.

And while a full replacement is sometimes the best option, it’s often possible to add uniqueness and beauty to your home by replacing just one.  Our experts can handcraft a single statement window in any size, shape, and color to add a grace note that will make you smile every time you look at your home.

Starting a home improvement project can be a big risk, but when done correctly, it can offer a big reward. Some homeowners may want to do the project themselves; however, it’s important to use caution before starting. Consider the difficulty of the project and your level of expertise: have you successfully renovated your home before? Could you easily correct any problems? If you don’t feel 100% comfortable completing the project on your own, we recommend consulting an expert for your project.

Contractors often have years of experience in the field, ensuring your project will be completed correctly the first time. Before choosing your contractor, it’s important to do due diligence and research the companies you’re considering. Read their reviews and, if applicable, identify their specialty: while a company may offer kitchen, bathroom, and exterior remodeling, it doesn’t mean all three projects will be the same quality.

 At Window Nation, we specialize in exterior remodeling projects. We offer replacement windows, siding, and doors to meet your home improvement needs. Our team is specially trained in window replacement, so you can feel comfortable knowing your project will be handled by one of the most experienced teams in the industry. If you’re looking for a reputable company with years of experience in home remodeling, there’s no better company than Window Nation.


It’s important to use an experienced company for your home improvement project. From your first phone call to our scheduling coordinators to your installation day, you can feel comfortable knowing you’re working with a well-trained, experienced team. Your exterior design consultant undergoes over 100 hours of training before stepping foot into your home to learn the latest practices in window replacement.

Once you’ve purchased your windows, your installation will be completed by our team of certified master installers. On average, our installers have over fifteen years of experience, so you can feel comfortable knowing your project is being handled by some of the best installers in the industry. Each installation crew is led by an InstallationMasters certified master installer specially trained in the best installation practices based on industry standards.

Custom-Made Products

When you choose Window Nation, you won’t be getting a standard builder-grade window. All our windows are custom-made, guaranteeing the perfect fit for your home. Our windows are available in a variety of style options, including double hung, bay, bow, and casement windows. You can customize your windows to get the perfect fit for your home. Choose between wood or vinyl windows in a variety of interior and exterior color options to give your home the curb appeal boost it needs. You can also choose add-ons like grids or glass patterns to make your windows uniquely yours.


Replacement windows from Window Nation are custom-made to fit your home’s exact needs. Before your windows are ordered, our measure technicians will come to your home to measure your windows down to 3 millimeters, guaranteeing a perfect fit. On installation day, your lead installer will measure your windows three times before beginning the install process. After installation, we’ll walk through your home with you and use a twenty-point checklist to ensure your windows are installed to the highest quality standards.

Locally Made Products

Some windows are made in factories hundreds of miles away from the homes they’re being built for. At Window Nation, our replacement windows are made in our local factories, engineered to fit your local climate. Your windows will be able to weather the harsh Boston winters and the hot, humid Charlotte summers. Our products are durable, built to last through all types of weather conditions. Your windows also come standard with premium energy efficiency features including double pane and triple pane glass to make your home more energy efficient.

Need New Windows?

When you’re ready to start your window replacement project, schedule an estimate with one of our exterior design consultants. Our team will discuss your project with you and go over your options so you can find the best windows, doors, and siding for your home. You’ll then receive a quote good for up to six months. Schedule your in-home estimate today at 

Energy bills aren’t cheap, and extreme summer temperatures aren’t helping to lower the cost. Your old, drafty windows and doors are letting the comfortable air inside your home out. Your outdated appliances are working harder than usual, using excessive amounts of electricity to operate. Why continue to waste money on your energy bills month after month? Consider making upgrades to your home to boost its energy efficiency. Small changes, like unplugging electronics when they’re not being used or installing a programmable thermostat, can go a long way to help you reduce your energy bills. For maximum energy savings, we recommend replacing your windows and upgrading your appliances to boost your home’s energy efficiency for years to come.  

Window Replacement

Old, outdated windows are among the biggest culprits for energy loss in your home. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, nearly 40% of residential heating and cooling costs can be attributed to your windows. Save money by upgrading your windows to modern replacement windows from Window Nation. Our windows are equipped with premium energy efficiency features to help you save money on your energy bills no matter the season. Choose between wood and vinyl windows in a variety of style and color options to give your home a curb appeal boost while improving your home’s energy efficiency. All Window Nation windows are available in double pane and triple pane options, allowing you to choose between windows with the most value or the most energy savings for your home.

Upgrade Your Appliances

Sure, your old appliances may still work fine, but does that mean they’re the best appliances for your home? Your kitchen appliances and electronics are some of the biggest energy consumers in your home, and their usage only increases in the hot summer months. Start saving money on your energy bills by replacing your old, outdated devices with modern upgrades. Unlike their predecessors, most modern appliances come equipped with premium energy efficiency features, reducing the amount of energy required to operate. Be sure to purchase appliances that are Energy Star certified, guaranteeing energy savings for years to come.

Door Replacement

Your entry doors are constantly opening and closing, letting the uncomfortable air from outside in. What you might not notice? Your doors may have drafts or poor insulation, wasting more electricity than you think. Consider replacing your doors with replacement fiberglass or steel entry doors from Window Nation. Our doors are built to the highest quality and energy efficiency standards, guaranteeing energy savings for the entire time you live in your home. Entry doors from Window Nation come standard with a polyurethane foam core that offers five times the energy efficiency of a standard wood door. In addition, you won’t have to worry about poor insulation thanks to our Tru-Defense Door System providing an unsurpassed seal between the door and its frame.

Watch Your Energy Use

It’s one thing to upgrade your appliances to lower your energy bills, it’s another to be sure they’re being used efficiently to continue to save money on your energy bills. Be sure to unplug electronics and appliances when they’re not being used. Toasters, coffee makers and lamps are easy to plug-in and forget when they’re not being used. Make an effort to unplug your devices when not in use to save money and electricity. If you have something that you often forget to turn off, consider finding a way to automate it. Many companies offer apps to help you control your electronics when you’re away from your home.

Give Your Home an Energy Efficiency Boost with Replacement Windows

Don’t waste your money with old, drafty windows. Replacement windows from Window Nation will save you money on your energy bills while keeping your home comfortable year-round. Once you’re ready to start your window replacement project, contact Window Nation. Our team of exterior design consultants will meet with you to discuss your project, giving you a quote good for up to six months. We also offer Energy Star certified siding and doors to give your home the energy efficiency boost it needs. Schedule your in-home estimate today!

If you’re looking into having windows replaced, you’ve probably realized by now that there’s an article telling you every season is the best season to have it done. After all, window replacement companies work year-round, and have long ago solved the problems of dealing with heat, cold, rain, and family schedules. Window Nation can replace your windows efficiently no matter the season.

Still, there are good arguments for doing it now. In mid-summer, allergens are low, so opening the envelope of your home for a day won’t let as much pollen into the house as spring and fall installations might. If you have kids at home, you won’t disturb their school by doing it when school is out. And these brutally hot summer days are when the benefits of more energy-efficient windows are at their peak – you might as well start those savings now.

Not to mention, your house probably looks its best in mid-summer, when the flowers are blooming, and the lawn is lush. If you want to see your home at peak curb appeal, replacing the windows in the best growing season is ideal.

And while this summer brings unique concerns related to COVID-19, our team members work safely in hundreds of homes each day, thanks to our comprehensive safety protocols and industry-best PPE.

Here are a few things to know about readying your home, and your family, for a summer window replacement project.

Before Installation Day

Our installation crews are experienced, and can navigate any curveball that comes about during the installation process. But a day or two before your window installation is scheduled, you can take a few steps to make the project as smooth as possible.

Clear a Path Outside

Chances are good that you rarely stand directly outside your own windows, but installers will need to work there. We ask that homeowners take a walk around the house to check that those spaces are easily accessible, and trim back any growth that may be in the way of workspace.

Clear a Path Inside

Installation crews will need to carry the old windows out, and the new windows in, through your home. To ensure that their work goes quickly and disrupts your life as little as possible, walk the path they’ll take in and out, and clear any obstacles out of the way.

Remove Window Dressings

Our crews can take down blinds and curtains, but many homeowners like to do that themselves before installers arrive, to save time, and ensure that they’re stored away where you’d like to have them so you can easily put to back up once your new windows are in place.

Remove Wall Decorations

It isn’t necessary to strip the walls of your house bare, but you may wish to remove pictures hung near where new windows will be installed. The installation process can vibrate wall surfaces, so taking pictures down temporarily helps protect them while the work is done.

Prepare Security Systems

If your old windows have sensors for a security system, you’ll need to detach them so that they can be seamlessly placed on the new windows.

Installation Day

Window replacement can nearly always be done in a single day. But that day is easiest for everyone involved when homeowners take a few simple steps before the crew arrives.

Plan to Close Off Rooms

Window installers will need to leave your house open to the elements for brief periods, which means you’ll lose cool air on a hot day. To maximize comfort, plan to close off each room as our crews work in it, minimizing heat let into the house.

Secure Pets

Animals aren’t used to the opening to the outside that replacing a window temporarily creates. It’s best to keep them out of the rooms where work is done.

Provide Access to an Electrical Outlet

Window Nation crews bring everything they need for the installation process, but may need access to an electrical outlet for certain tools. If this will be a problem, let the crew leader know, so we can plan to rely only on battery-operated equipment.

Be Briefly Accessible Before and After Work is Done

On the day work is done, our crew leader will walk you through a 20-point checklist before starting work, ensure that the process is efficient and simple.  We’re unlikely to need you much during the process, but when work is complete, the crew leader will briefly demonstrate each window’s functions, and give you a chance to ask any questions you may have.