Color Theory: What Your Front Door Color Means

The Personality Behind Your Front Door Color

As human beings, we will tend to do many things in our lives that reflect our personality and make us stand out. Sometimes we reflect without even knowing that we are doing it. Have you ever given a bit of thought to what the color of your front door says about you? It turns out it is more than curb appeal that drives our decision to choose a color that suits us.
  • The classic white door gives a home a clean look and goes with everything. What it tells people about the homeowner is that they like to be organized and have everything in its proper place. This tells people coming into your home, if they need help with that community bake sale or organizing the PTA, you are their go to person to get it done.
  • The black front door tells the world that you do not go for fads that go as quickly as they come. You may be a bit conservative but your friends and family will always know what they are getting with you due to your consistent nature.
  • Do you lean toward a blue front door? It goes without saying then that you are an easy going person who doesn't fluster easily. You would rather just see where life takes you . You probably have lots of friends and family who enjoy being in your presence with your unflappable nature.
  • The person with a purple front door is a true free spirit. You are not afraid of anything and you crave life. Some might say you are a bit of a dreamer but you're probably ok with that. The world was built on people dreaming big.
  • If you have chosen a yellow front door, there is a good chance that the people around you tend to look to you to make decisions. You might find that you have the final say before your friends and family decide what's for dinner, or what movie to see or maybe you run a Fortune 500 company. Either way, you are a leader among men.
  • The green door is something to behold. The people that live behind this door keep us all a little more grounded. They care about tradition, family and community. These are the people that we can count on to make sure that this year's neighborhood block party will still go on and that the kids will always have a community baseball team.
  • The family living behind that red door will always stand out in a crowd. You are telling the world that you are bold and fearless. It is likely that you have never been terribly shy or awkward in public. It is the red door people who most us might notice first at a community event.
  • The orange door is definitely not for the faint of heart, but it does tell your neighborhood that you are going to be the life of the party and you will be bringing the fun in every chance you get. Your friendly nature means that you probably love hosting many gatherings and dinner parties for your friends and family.
Now that you know a little more about what your grand entrance to your home says about you, you can consider your new door. Explore our different door styles and types to find the perfect front door for your family.

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