Options for Your Columbus Home Window Glass Replacement

When shopping for the best home window glass replacement for your needs, you might not give much thought to the actual materials being used. But, there are key differences to know. Learn about your options for window glass when shopping for replacement windows in Columbus, so you can find the best solution for your home.


Window Glass Types for Home

At Window Nation, we offer several types of energy efficient windows for your home, including many options that come with the Energy Star label. Our most popular glass options for windows include:


Double Pane Extreme Low-E Glass

This is our most popular glass type. An argon gas fill rests between two panes of glass, effectively blocking drafts. The Low-E coating keeps UV rays out of your home. This cuts down on solar heat gain, so you feel more comfortable in your home with no sacrifice of natural light.


Ultra Triple Pane Glass

Our bestselling triple pane replacement window glass has 99 percent argon gas fill and tin-plated separators between three panes of glass. This glass system also includes a Low-E coating for increased comfort and UV protection.


Ultimate Triple Pane Glass

For the most energy efficient home window glass replacement in Columbus, we recommend our Ultimate Triple Pane Glass windows. Not only do these windows block 97 percent of UV rays, they offer a high level of noise reduction. A krypton gas fill and our super spacer system cut down on air transfer to economize your energy use and maximize your comfort in all seasons.


Laminated Glass

We recommend our laminated glass for customers who prioritize security or need noise reduction. The laminated glass package comes with an argon gas fill and Low-E coating for protection from UV rays, but what really stands out is the polyvinyl butyral interlayer. This interlayer adds strength for protection from breakage, plus noise reduction, thermal insulation, and fade prevention. You will enjoy peace of mind of knowing your home is safe, plus receive our best noise reduction solution. This is the same glass type used in homes near railroads and airports, so you know it must really work!


Solarban 70XL

Solarban 70XL is not a specific type of home window glass replacement, but rather a coating which can be applied to any of our window glass types for superior protection from UV rays. The actual energy savings will depend upon the type of glass package chosen; however, you can rely on the Solarban 70XL coating to block 99.97 percent of UV rays.


Energy Saver R-5 Glass

Coated with R-5, this durable glass system offers superior insulation for improved year-round comfort. You will enjoy cooler temperatures in the summer and warmer winters with 25 percent more insulation than our other replacement window glass types. This glass has an argon fill and Low-E coating to guard against furniture fade.


Visit Our Columbus Showroom

Words can only do so much to describe the quality of our windows — sometimes you just have to see them for yourself. At our Columbus showroom, you can see and feel the difference in our most popular window systems, ask questions about the best glass options for windows, and determine the best home window glass replacement for your needs. Stop by our showroom, or contact us today to get a free estimate for replacement windows.

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