Customize Your Siding With Decorative Accents

Vinyl siding creates a distinguished look to the exterior of your home. Adding vinyl decorative accents adds a nice finished and uniform look. From gable vents to fluted corner posts your home’s exterior can be finished completely with vinyl accessories from Window Nation.

Ventilation is an important part of the construction and performance of your home. Gable end vents are not only crucial, but they can be a stylish addition to your siding system. The gable end of your home is the portion of your home that comes to a peak. Some homes have multiple gable end vents. These vents allow attic air flow. They are available in countless colors as well as many different shapes, and sizes. Using a shape like an oval or half circle vinyl gable to match the exterior style of your home is a great touch.

The corners of your vinyl sided home need to be trimmed out with a corner trim. Why not upgrade to a fluted corner post? These pieces of outside corner trim are fluted, which means that they are formed with alternating vertical channels. Its a subtle way to upgrade your corner post trim.

Shutters around your windows are not a new idea. Shutters started with a practical use of protecting window openings. With advancements in windows, the need for functioning shutters is all but gone, but the look of shutters framing your windows will never go out of style. Our shutters are available in many different shapes and sizes to compliment any home. With the natural look of textured wood, these top quality shutters from Trimworks® Decorative Accents will easily add value and beauty to your home.

Here at Window Nation, we offer vinyl accessories from Trimworks® Decorative Accents. Trimworks® Decorative Accents offers everything that your home needs to accessorize its exterior. Trimming out your home, windows or doors will be easy, affordable and stylish. We have many color options and a color matching system that you can be sure will find the shade that matches or contrasts your siding perfectly. Set your home apart with the help of the experts here at Window Nation.

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