Did Winter Take A Toll On Your Windows?

If you’re over the chill of winter and ready to open those windows and let the spring breeze flow through your home, you’re not alone! But, we hear often from homeowners that their old windows did not take the winter well, and when they try to open them up in the spring, well, there are a few kinks. Winters in Ohio and even further south (Maryland, DC, Virginia and the Carolinas) can really take a toll on the condition of your windows. If you find any of the following situations to be true, it may be time to consider investing in energy-efficient replacement windows from Window Nation.

  1. It’s hard to open your windows. They seem stuck and do not slide up and down easily.

  2. You can see through the sides of the windows because the window itself is not properly lined up with the frame.

  3. Mold or mildew is forming around the window, and there is visible moisture/condensation.

  4. When it’s cold outside, your windows are cold to the touch. That means your expensive heating is slipping right out of those old windows.

Windows that are even ten years old are going to have nowhere near the same benefits or same level of energy-efficiency as windows that are made today. Window technology has come so far, that now is the perfect time to invest in replacement windows before summer comes, and before winter arrives again.

Not only will new windows add a fresh and stylish look to your home, but your home’s value may increase as well. And your new windows will even pay for themselves over time, as you’ll be saving money on your home’s heating and cooling costs. (Even small gaps in the window frame or single paned glass are enough to cause your expensive heating and air conditioning to literally go “out the window.”) But with Window Nation’s quality materials and installation, you can trust that your new windows will last for years to come. We also offer the most comprehensive limited lifetime warranty* in the industry.

So, don’t worry if your windows are stuck, worn or show signs of mold and mildew; we’re here to help, and to make the process of replacing your windows effortless. Contact Window Nation for get more information on replacement windows in Cleveland, Ohio; Washington, D.C.; Maryland, Northern Virginia and the Carolinas. Enjoy keeping your air conditioning INSIDE during Spring this year.

*Limited lifetime warranty will vary by manufacturer and may provide exclusions. Window Nation carries window models from several manufacturers and all warranties are available upon request

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