Do Energy-Efficient Windows Really Help?

Every winter you lose money. Your home needs to be filled with heat to keep the cold out, and that heat costs money to generate. It doesn't matter what resource you buy to create that heat: electricity, oil, gas, wood, coal, or something else; you're spending your hard-earned money to fill your house with heat. You're probably acutely aware of this fact because it hurts to spend money to create heat, doesn't it? This may have even prompted you to trade your oil furnace in for a wood stove or switch over to gas instead of using electricity. It only makes sense. It is easy to see that buying something that will help you spend less is a good thing. But there is another factor involved. A factor that is much harder to see and truly understand. When you pump heat into your home, it doesn't stay there. It leaks out. Let's take a look at this.
Imagine the worst possible scenario. A group of guys come over to your home and remove all of the insulation from your wall voids and attic spaces. What would that do to your energy bills? They'd go through the roof, wouldn't they?
It is easy to see in a big example like this, that keeping that heat inside is good for your bottom line. You probably save yourself thousands of dollars a year because you have insulation in your walls and attic spaces, but would that insulation be worth it if it only saved you $500 a year? Of course it would. That's money in your pocket. That's movie night with the kids, dinner out with your spouse, and a whole host of other fun things. Having insulation to hold all that precious heat inside is worth it. Not to mention the fact that living in a drafty house is miserable.
If you have old, leaky windows, it is like throwing money right out those windows. When heat escapes, you have to pay to replace it. Keep more heat in your home with ENERGY STAR® certified windows from Window Nation. Our Extreme Low- E coated windows reflect infrared light back into your home, instead of allowing it to pass through. Plus, our double and triple pane glass holds gas in between each pane to resist the transfer of heat. Every dollar saved is one more dollar you have to spend on things you want to spend your money on.
When you have new energy efficient windows installed from Window Nation, you don't just get a beautiful new look to your home and the added convenience new windows can bring, you also reduce heat loss and pay out less to those energy companies. Get in touch today and start putting all that lost money into your pockets instead of into theirs.

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