Does Superior Window Installation Matter?

We think it does. In fact, we are so convinced that it does, each one of our installation teams is led by a factory trained Installation Masters™ Certified Installer. This national, 3rd-party certification ensures that our teams are up to speed on the most advanced installation techniques available, on all established industry standards, and on the best practices for accomplishing a successful installation. What does this mean for you? A stress-free process, and windows you can enjoy, and rely on, for years to come.
Years to come?
Yes. When we say you’re going to be happy with your new windows, we mean it. We offer one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry, especially on the windows we manufacture in house. All windows we produce come with a “Lifetime Plus” warranty. What does this mean? Your entire window, glass, vinyl, and labor is covered for as long as you own your home (and an additional 15 years for the next homeowner). But, we couldn’t provide this kind of warranty if we didn’t have complete confidence in our installation teams.
So, superior window installation really does matter.
There is nothing worse than realizing the windows you had installed a few years back are starting to stick, or worse, letting water into the walls of your home. Poor installation isn’t always apparent when the job is done. More often than not, it is a few years down the road when you begin to realize the job wasn’t done right. Our Installation Masters™ Certified Installer will make sure the window has a thorough seal and all measurements are correct. This guarantees a sound product for year to come.
During the process, it is necessary for team members to come into your home. It matters that we employ trustworthy and polite installation professionals. And, when our team is done, you can expect that they will thoroughly clean the job site and make sure that everything is left the same as they found it.
Not only is it important to have certified and professional installers, it is vital to have a detailed and professional installation process. Our team leaders make sure all best practices are followed, including a final inspection with you, our customer, to ensure quality and complete satisfaction.
So, what do you think? Does superior window installation matter?
If you think it does, let Window Nation make sure your investment is protected and that those new windows continue to be the perfect addition to your Philadelphia home for years to come. Get connected through our contact page and one of our agents will be happy to get you started.

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