Easy Ways to Improve Your Home’s Exterior

Let’s face it – by late summer, your house has taken a beating.

Even if you made an effort to restore after the ravages of winter, the hot sun has weathered paint and burned bare spots into the lawn, the humidity has warped any loose trim and forced condensation into tiny gaps in the windows, and the storms of August have thrown high winds and small branches into the siding.

With most of us spending more time at home than in a normal year, we’re spotting these little imperfections, and we know – it’s time to touch up the house a bit before the weather turns again and it’s winter winds we’re worried about.

The house will look best in autumn’s golden hour, anyway.  Best to get it ready now.

Here are a few ways to boost your home’s appeal and improve its durability this month, from cheap afternoon projects to investments for the long-haul.

Refresh the Driveway

To make a destination seem lovely, improve the path. 

Late summer is the best time to resurface an asphalt driveway – the new surface will dry quickest in the heat, and driveway can’t expand further, which creates bubbles and buckle marks.

Concrete driveways can benefit from a cleaning in August as well, while raking a few bags of new stone over a stone driveway helps renew it after heavy rains have brought mud to the surface.

Replace or Repair Siding

Vinyl siding has decades of durability, keeping its fresh appearance for its entire lifetime, thanks to the way color goes all the way through the panel – there’s no surface to wear off in summer storms.  It’s also energy efficient, thanks to new technologies like custom Fullback® Insulation backing, making it an investment in decades of savings on energy bills.

Summer is the best time to replace your siding, shoring up the envelope of your home before winter cold tests it.

While a full siding replacement is a great long-term investment, many homes can benefit from a less intensive project instead—simply repairing any damage or panels that have slipped out of alignment goes a long way toward boosting curb appeal.

Update the Trim

A full siding project will make your home look new, but so will a less-than-full replacement, focused on the trim.

With Trimworks® decorative trim accents, Window Nation can give your home the distinctive appeal of handcrafted beauty in just a day of work.  Custom trim around windows and doors, and decorative bands and columns can give your home the appeal of a classic, craftsman look, while retaining the decades-long durability of modern vinyl.

Refresh the Landscaping

By August, the flowers you planted in late spring have withered, while the weeds in your garden beds are thriving.

A few hours spent weeding can refresh the look of your home, and be a meditative project good for your own peace of mind.  New mulch to replace what summer storms have washed away is a small expense that goes a long way in giving you pride in your home. 

And in this year, when many of us have rediscovered the joys of growing our own food, a late-summer garden is a satisfying project.  Cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, and carrots are just a few of the foods that thrive when put into the ground late in the summer.

Paint or Clean the Exterior

Wood exteriors can look brand new with just a coat of paint.  Updating vinyl and masonry exteriors is even easier – a simple power washing can renew your home’s color, and you don’t even have to climb a ladder to do it.

Replace Windows

Old, weathered windows aren’t just an energy problem.  They also date the look of a house.

Whether you want the classic beauty of wood or the modern, low-maintenance convenience of vinyl, replacing your home’s windows can completely remake the way your house looks.  They’ll also save you money every month.

And while a full replacement is sometimes the best option, it’s often possible to add uniqueness and beauty to your home by replacing just one.  Our experts can handcraft a single statement window in any size, shape, and color to add a grace note that will make you smile every time you look at your home.

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