Energy Efficient Glass Windows for Your Baltimore Home

When it comes to choosing new energy efficient windows for your Baltimore home, you want to think carefully about your choices. You will want replacement windows that suit the style of your home, while increasing your home’s energy efficiency and maximizing your home’s comfort throughout the year. At Window Nation in Maryland, we can offer you many different options for replacement windows in Baltimore along with several glass options and coatings to increase your home’s energy efficiency.

It is true that energy efficient windows can actually save you money and keep your heating and cooling systems from working overtime during the height of the summer and winter. When investing your money on new doors and windows, these are the options that should be available for your glass choices:

Insulating glass with coatings of Low-E silver oxide to offer thermal protection, keeping the weather extremes outside and helping to keep in heated or cooled air.

  • Protection from harmful ultraviolet rays to protect belongings and décor from fade damage.

  • Glass panes filled with Argon gas to reduce heat transfer to maximize energy efficiency.

  • Spacer systems to separate the glass panes and create a strong thermal barrier to reduce heat loss. Super Spacer® all-foam no-metal spacers to provide thermal efficiency through no presence of conductive metals, blocking the heat escape path, eliminating condensation and maximizing thermal performance.

  • Noise reduction and increased security through laminated glass systems.

At Window Nation in Maryland, our window glass options can include all of these benefits or just a few- you choose the combination of glass options that are necessary for your home. For more information on the energy efficient glass options we can provide and other energy saving tips, please visit our showroom in Glen Burnie. If you can’t make it out to our showroom, simply give us a call and one of our friendly service representatives will be happy to help you. And when it comes to choosing beautiful new Baltimore windows for your home, look no further than the window experts at Window Nation in Maryland!

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