Enhance Your Summer With New Patio Doors

Summer and outdoor fun go hand and hand. From barbeques to pool parties and everything in between, our homes temporarily are extended into the outdoors. Using a patio door to join the outside fun with our home is a perfect choice.

5 Advantages of Doors from Window Nation

Here are some of the great advantages of our doors:

  1. Patio doors units can be either sliding or swinging doors. Often at least two doors wide, this six foot wide panel of glass gives us an unobstructed view of the outdoors, letting warmth and sunlight into our homes. Patio doors are the best of both worlds. They have all the benefits of viewing, like a window but with the ease of functionality, like a door.
  2. Sliding door units are a common and easy way to gain entry to your deck or yard. They can be affordable and energy efficient. The sliding door can be left open and a screen panel can be used to keep insects out and the fresh air in.
  3. Swinging french style, patio doors are available with one or more swinging panels. Being able to open both door panels provides a large amount of ventilation. There are also insect screen options to fit your desired door style. The dramatic effect that an open double and four wide french door unit can have on the style and curb appeal of your home is outstanding. It shows creativity and freedom.
  4. Both sliding and swinging patio doors come equipped with state of the art locking mechanisms to keep your home secure. Keyed deadbolts and handle sets are available.
  5. You can easily create a enclosed porch feel by using multiple units on your house. Four wide door units can make a exterior wall seem like its part of the outdoors or patio. The options are endless.

Entertaining on the back porch, front deck or in the yard is much easier with a patio door. Creating a place that is comfortable and inviting for all entertainment activities is relatively simple. By utilizing a patio door and adding outdoor furniture and a food preparation place, your summer entertainment just got easier and more enjoyable. If you don’t have a patio door, or need to replace your existing one, give the professionals here at Window Nation a call. We can help you have a summer of fun with the added ease and benefits of a new patio door.

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