Rebekah is a seasoned professional with a track record in team building, event coordination, and retail marketing. With over a decade of experience under her belt, she has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and a keen eye for event execution. Her arrival at Window Nation marks the dawn of a new era for our event management platform.

Rebekah holds an undergraduate degree in Psychology from the University of Texas, San Antonio, where she also minored in Communications: Social Interactions. This unique academic background equips her with the insights needed to understand consumer behavior and effectively communicate our brand’s message.

Throughout her career, Rebekah has crafted training program materials for national events programs, highlighting her dedication to excellence. She has masterfully overseen yearly events and managed a plethora of retail locations, achieving remarkable results by increasing leads and improving revenue year over year. Her passion, knowledge, skills, and unwavering commitment are set to elevate our event management performance to new heights.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Rebekah is a true animal lover, with a heartfelt goal of petting every dog she encounters. She is known for her karaoke prowess and unyielding support for the Longhorns. Her favorite leadership mantra, “teamwork makes the dream work,” is not just a slogan—it is a way of life for her, and she lives by it, infusing every project with collaboration and unity.

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