Fall Home Improvements To Increase Curb Appeal

The beautiful fall weather is here. Soon it will be winter and our exterior home improvement season will be over. In preparation for winter, many of us think of winterizing our homes for the all too inevitable, cold weather. But don’t skip over fall without taking advantage of its cool days and nights for outdoor home improvement projects.

Repaint your siding or trim. Fall weather can be the perfect temperature for painting. The most optimum temperature for painting is between 50 and 85 degrees. The summer sun won’t be ‘baking’ it dry, but the fall sun will still be warm enough to help it cure correctly. Freshening up your outdoor trim, siding or even your front door can be an inexpensive way to create a new look, or bring life to your existing color and style.

If repainting your exterior trim, and siding isn’t an option then maybe its time to replace it. An upgrade to vinyl siding is a perfect fall project. There’s many reasons why vinyl siding has become the go-to siding of today. Crane Vinyl Siding from Window Nation Maryland has fulfilled and surpassed all of these reasons. Here are just a few of them:

  • Customized to fit your style (countless colors and styles to choose from)
  • Easy Installation
  • Low, Low, Low maintenance(no repainting or scraping EVER)
  • Superior protection from the element

To compliment vinyl siding, use vinyl siding accessories like gable vents, shutters, porch posts, light and outlet blocks, window moldings and mantles and vinyl window and door trim. These accessories are made to work with your vinyl siding and can greatly increase that oh so desired curb appeal.

Replacing your front door not only increases your homes exterior appeal, but it can make your front entrance a more energy efficient part of your home. Quite often existing doors and entrances are drafty, warped and inefficient. A new steel or fiberglass door unit with modern weatherstripping and locking mechanisms keeps your home more secure and greatly helps eliminate unwanted airflow in your front entrance.

If replacing your front door isnt an option for you, then repainting it and replacing old damaged weatherstripping will be an improvement. Repainting can add a new splash of color. Replacing damaged door weatherstripping is a perfect fall home improvement project. It’s simple and usually quite inexpensive. The new weatherstripping will help to keep cold winter air outside, and warm air inside!

Fall sure is a beautiful time of year. Taking advantage of this mild weather to increase your home’s curb appeal can be an easy task with the help of the experts at Window Nation Maryland.

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