Fall In Love With Your Philadelphia Home Again

Things wear out. That’s just how it is. No matter how much you love something, when it wears out you’re ready for an upgrade. Sometimes, you’re even ready for an upgrade before it wears out. Have you ever owned a car so long that you were actually happy when you got in an accident and totaled it? Thanks to fate, you found yourself in a new car. Well, don’t let fate dictate when you decide to spice things up on your home. Make 2016 the year you chose to take your homes destiny into your own hands.
Are your windows sticking? Do you have some that don’t quite latch right? Not only are they a pain, there is a good chance you’re losing heat out those windows all winter long. A window replacement is a relatively inexpensive home improvement that actually pays for itself as it brings happiness and convenience.
Are you tired of the small window in the living room? Taking that tiny window out and replacing it with a beautiful bay window will not only open up space to put plants and other decorative items, it will allow light to fill your living room and give you a better view of your yard. Turn that old living room into a place you want to sit and drink your coffee while gazing out at the beautiful Philadelphia foliage as it comes back to life.
Do you have a sliding door that doesn’t quite slide like it used to? Or, not at all? A sliding door replacement will make that entry point less frustrating and give you an extra boost in energy efficiency; and adding French doors, can make an old entry door feel new again.
Every time you leave your home and return, do you come back in through the front door? Is it starting to feel stale and boring? Breathe life into that entryway. A front door renewal is one of the most cost-effective ways to make your home feel new again. Turn one door into two doors. Get doors with beautiful glass panes that add character to the outside and light to the inside.
You don’t have to buy a new house to make your home feel new again. Simple window and door upgrades can make a big difference. Add style, light, space, convenience, and energy efficiency to your home, and breathe new life into old spaces. Don’t wait for a disaster to force you to make a change. Schedule a remodeling project in 2016, and fall in love with your home all over again.

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