First Impressions Count

What is the first thing people see when coming to your home? What really makes a lasting impression? There are many steps to a first visit into your home. Here are the major pieces of that first impression that Window Nation can help you with.

Exterior siding. When you describe your home, you usually say what color it is. ‘Oh, it’s the yellow house with white trim.’ Yellow siding is what they are searching. When they arrive they scan the home to be sure that it truly is the yellow one with the white trim. What does your siding look like? Should you really be saying, ‘Oh it’s the yellow house in desperate need of a paint job, with some unfinished and peeling white trim.’? If that’s the case, than you need to upgrade your siding and exterior trim. The exterior of your house has a first and lasting impression. Here at Window Nation we have some of the best options for siding your house. From pre-insulated vinyl panels to superior quality trim and exterior accessories we can help you to not only make your siding beautiful, but all aspects of the outside façade of your home will flow seamlessly!

Front entrance door. After looking for the color/siding of your home, the next questions that a guest will ask is, how do we get inside? Zeroing in on a front door is the next part of their journey to visit you. Is your front door inviting? Or does it look like a door that long ago wore out is usability and welcome? Your front entrance door should be welcoming and warm, there by Inviting people into a safe place. Its color scheme and style should complement, as well as meld with your exterior siding and trim. Our exterior doors easily can be customized to fit your existing exterior color scheme or we can assist you in obtaining one that fits in with your new vinyl siding and trim package from us.

These are just two of the pieces to the puzzle of first impressions. If you want to make a good lasting first impression and start with the first two steps, then contact us today to get moving on making that lasting impression a good one!

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