Don’t Overpay for Home Improvement Projects

Home improvement projects are a significant investment. Most projects aren’t cheap: a major home remodeling project could cost tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. It’s important to do due diligence and research the project you’re considering before making any final decisions. Experts recommend receiving multiple quotes for your project to determine the best fit for your home and your wallet. Some companies may charge thousands of dollars for a project that could cost a fraction of the price. So how do you know you aren’t being ripped off? A rule of thumb: the more you spend on a project, the less likely you are to see a major return on investment. If you’re considering a major home improvement project, like building an addition or remodeling your kitchen, it’s important to consider your home value and the value of the homes in your neighborhood. If the homes in your neighborhood are worth $300,000, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on home renovations isn’t recommended. Smaller upgrades like updating your windows or replacing your garage door offer a better value in the long run.

How Much Should My Replacement Window Project Cost?

At a 72% return on investment, replacement windows offer some of the best value in remodeling. However, there’s no sugarcoating it: replacing your windows can be costly. We understand cost is important to homeowners looking to budget for their project; however, it’s difficult to provide pricing information before meeting to discuss the project. Many factors go into the price of your windows, and because our windows are custom-made, there is no “one-price-fits-all” cost to replacement windows from Window Nation. Some homeowners may use a cost calculator to determine the price of their project; however, these websites are not always accurate. For accurate pricing, we recommend scheduling an appointment with an exterior design consultant who will be able to give you the price of your project after looking at your existing windows and identifying your home’s needs.

How is the Price of My Project Determined?

Many factors go into the price of your replacement windows, including style, material, glass options, and the number of windows being replaced. If you choose top-of-the-line replacement windows or specialty windows, like bays or bows, the cost of your project will be significantly different than someone who purchased standard vinyl double hung windows. A common mistake among homeowners: comparing the price of their project to a friend, relative, or neighbor who also had their windows replaced. Replacement windows from Window Nation are custom-made to fit your home’s exact needs. Your home may need windows that are larger or have different features, like energy efficient glass or special trim options, that cause the price of your project to be higher. When you meet with an exterior design consultant, you can feel comfortable knowing you’re getting a fair quote that accurately reflects the scope of your project.

How Can Window Nation Help Me Afford My Project?

When you schedule your in-home estimate, one of our experienced window replacement experts will meet with you to discuss your project and show you the options that fit your home’s needs. We offer three options – good, better, and best – to help you find the best fit for your budget. We also offer competitive promotions and financing deals to help keep costs low.

Need New Windows?

When you’re ready to start your window replacement project, schedule an estimate with one of our exterior design consultants. Our team will discuss your project with you and go over your options so you can find the best windows for your home. You’ll then receive a quote good for up to six months. Schedule your in-home estimate today at

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