How Are Your Windows Holding Up This Winter?

So far, this winter has been pretty rough! With intensely cold temps and snow and ice storms, we’ve certainly gotten our fair share of winter weather here in Ohio. But how are your windows holding up? If you know that every year you must cover your windows in plastic to keep out the cold, or you feel a draft around your windows whenever the wind blows, there’s a good chance you are in need of replacement windows in Akron.

Here are just a few signs that you should be in the market for replacement windows in Cleveland:

  • You have drafty windows. Drafty windows may not have been installed correctly or may not be thick or insulated enough to block out the cold. If you have older windows, they may have warped over time and this may be causing small gaps around the exterior of the window frame.

  • There is obvious peeling paint on the exterior of your home. This can often be caused by moisture that has traveled through improperly sealed windows and back outside. In older homes (and older windows), exposure to UV rays and temperature extremes may cause the exterior frames to expand and contract, which would cause the paint to peel.

  • Do you have frost, ice or condensation on your window panes? If so, your windows may be inadequately insulated.

  • You may notice that outdoor sounds are very obvious and you can easily talk to someone right outside your windows. This may happen when the insulation around a window deteriorates, which allows openings to form that allow unwanted sounds or drafts into the home. You may be looking for vinyl windows in Cleveland that provide insulating glass for greater thermal efficiency and the reduction of sound.

If you think it’s finally time to replace those old and worn out windows, Cleveland natives know that Window Nation in Ohio is your best choice. We can offer many different types of windows with many different styles and designs to perfectly fit your home. Visit our showrooms in Cleveland and Warrensville Heights to see the many options we can offer you to spruce up your home and improve your home’s energy efficiency. For Cleveland window experts you can trust, look no further than the professionals at Window Nation!

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