How Did Your Windows Hold Up This Winter?

The long, cold, harsh winter can cause a lot of wear and tear on you, your things, and especially your home. The wind, rain, and snow can all lead to parts of your home, including your windows, to become damaged or worn down. Over time, these elements can make your home less energy efficient, and can cause you and your family discomfort. And let’s face it, if you are going to be stuck inside due to the winter weather for days at a time, you and your family should be as comfortable as possible inside of it.

The experts at Window Nation want to provide you with some of the many benefits of replacing your home’s older windows. While it may seem like a large expense now, overtime- season after season, energy efficient windows will save you a significant amount of money in the energy costs required to run your home. New, energy efficient replacement windows will prevent drafts and air leaks which will reduce your yearly heating and cooling costs by helping to keep the temperature in your home more consistent and easier to maintain.

Other benefits to new, replacement windows include improved glass technology that reduces the amount of UV sunlight that can enter into your home and fade personal items like furniture and wall art. They are also more eco-friendly by using less resources and they provide a warmer interior glass surface to help limit frost and condensation issues.

Signs that it is time to ditch your old windows and reap the benefits of new replacement windows in your Cleveland home include:

  • They fail the flame test. The flame from a candle or lighter flickers when you (carefully) run it across the front of the window.
  • You notice that your heating or cooling bills are starting to creep up without reason.
  • The glass of the windows is cracked or broken.
  • They collect frost or condensation.
  • Either they become stuck and won’t open, or will open but won’t stay that way on their own.
  • You start to notice mold or mildew along the edges of your windows.
  • The window trim around your windows is cracked or starting to rot.

If you see any of the above problems in your windows, Window Nation can help! Our professionals will be happy to sit down with you and discuss which windows will work best in your Cleveland home. We will assist you in choosing which replacement window will work in your home and within your budget. Whether you are looking for vinyl, wood, or fiberglass, we have the right style and color to suit your home’s unique look. Along with being aesthetically pleasing, you can be sure that Cleveland windows from Window Nation will be durable, and of course as energy efficient as possible!

For more information about replacement windows in Cleveland, contact the window experts at Window Nation today!

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