How Much Do Replacement Windows Cost?

This is actually not an easy question to just answer. There are some things that play into this answer that can alter the final amount greatly. Here are some of the areas that affect the answer to this questions.

Window style. There are numerous vinyl window styles to choose from:

  • Double Hung

  • Awning

  • Casement

  • Picture

  • Bay or Bow

  • Sliders

Each style has its own particular hardware and operational systems. Some have no hardware, while others have two or more locking and hinging mechanisms. All of these things weigh in on their price.

Window size. Size does matter when it comes to price. The larger the window, that more glass, frame material and trim is used to manufacture it. So, in turn the price will increase.

The amount of work to replace them. This is truly a window by window designation. Some windows will come out easily and be replaced easily, while other will take more time and possibly material to complete. There may be underlying issues with the wall surrounding the window opening that time and materials to remedy.

Lead testing may be a factor. Older homes need to be tested for lead exposure before our crews start work. There are national protocols that we need to adhere to when lead is involved. This may increase the time, material and cost of each window.

The other common part of a window replacement job is the cleanup and disposable. We will make every effort to do a complete and quick clean-up of your home or business after the windows are installed. We will take care of all aspects of clean up and disposal of any and all job site materials.

Throwing a number or price at the question, “How much do replacement windows cost” would be easy, but inaccurate. With so many different details to consider it is almost impossible. Here at Window Nation we want to be honest, accurate and up front with everything that is involved in replacing your windows. Please contact us today so that we can give you YOUR price. The price that meets your needs and desires. This is the only price that you should be concerned with.

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