How to Save Money This Winter

Everyone wants to save money all year round especially for heating or cooling your home. Even though you want to save all year long, it is particularly hard to accomplish during the winter months. Just think about all the heat that you lose from your home every time the door opens. How many times during the day do your kids go in and out? Do they ever just stand in the doorway or just leave the door wide open when they enter? Yeah, I thought so. How about your pets? How often do they need to be let in or let out? Even bringing in the groceries can be problematic when you need to leave the door ajar while your hands are full and you need to get in and out quickly in as few trips as possible. Many of these situations are unavoidable, but having an energy-efficient home is key to lowering your energy costs. To help control costs, you can use these practical energy saving tips in your home this winter:
  • Keep your south-facing curtains open on sunny days
  • Close curtains at night and during cloudy days
  • Dress warmly by bundling up in layers
  • Use lap blankets for the time you spend on the sofa
  • Place throw rugs on cold floors
  • Use ceiling fans clockwise on a low setting for ventilation and airflow
  • Lower your thermostat by 10 degrees at night while you sleep
  • Use flannel sheets and a warm comforter
  • Heat only rooms that are in use
  • Maintain a clean furnace and vents
  • Use a humidifier and houseplants to add moisture to the air
  • Make sure your home is well insulated
  • Use exhaust fans sparingly
  • Use foam weather stripping for your doors
One area of your home that can lose a lot of heat is your windows. You really need energy efficient windows in order to get the most savings all year long as you cool and heat your home. Window Nation may be the answer to your old drafty window problems. We can install new windows any time of year, even when it is freezing outside. When you are ready to stop losing heat from your windows, you can give us a call. A professional installer from Window Nation will put your windows in quickly and without allowing a lot of heat loss during the process. They will be professional and let you know if there are obstacles that might slow the process, such as snow. You won’t need to worry about the caulking or adhesive as they use products that work for every season. And, here’s some great news. More people choose fall and spring to have windows installed, which frees up the experienced installers at Window Nation to get to your window job this winter in an extremely timely fashion. Call today and get your free in-home estimate and professional install to start saving money this winter.

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