How Vinyl Siding Affects Energy Efficiency

Imagine your home’s walls as layers. You have paint, dry wall, insulation, wood framing, sheathing and then siding. Think about the exterior layer of siding. This is the first layer that sees all of the elements. This layer is the first defense your home has against the cold, wind, rain and snow. Having a strong and durable outer layer to your home will help you keep your home more energy efficient. Vinyl siding is the most dependable and durable siding for the exterior of your home. Here are some benefits to vinyl siding on your home:

  • Vinyl siding is easy to install.

  • Customize your siding to your personal style. Our vinyl siding comes in many different color options to fit your unique style.

  • Vinyl siding is low maintenance. Vinyl siding is easy to clean and needs very little maintenance throughout the year.

  • This siding also provides an added layer of protection to your home. This is the most important quality of vinyl siding!

Vinyl siding is that added layer of protection that your home needs. It is a weatherproof barrier to your home’s exterior. It does not absorb moisture, it protects moisture from getting into your home. Vinyl siding is a great help at reducing your heating bills and making your home more energy efficient year-round. Taking the time to make your home’s exterior layer strong and durable is crucial to extending the life of your home. Give the helpful team at Window Nation a call today to get your next vinyl siding job started.

The helpful folks at Window Nation are not just windows. Vinyl Siding is their specialty too. Adding new siding to your home can seem like an expensive and time consuming task. Having a highly qualified and professional team to help you get your siding project started can take the stress away. That initial cost may seem high, but it is worth it in the long run. Vinyl siding is something you will not have to replace for years and years. It really stands up to the elements and will pay for itself in the long run.

Let Window Nation help you get your next vinyl siding job off to the right start. They will take their time to make sure that you are getting the siding you want and need to make your home more energy efficient and weather proof in any style you choose.

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