Increase Your Curb Appeal This Fall

Curb appeal. What makes you stop and look at one house versus another house? With so many different aspects to the exterior of a house, its hard to pinpoint just one thing that catches your eye. Sometimes its the color of the siding, or the color of the front door. Or maybe its those gorgeous posts on that covered porch. No matter what it is, if your home doesn’t have it you can get it at Window Nation. You can do a quick fall project or two to spruce your home up before the snow flies.

New vinyl siding can be a drastic yet simple improvement. This change can completely alter your home’s style. Or, if you’re less adventurous, it can just be a color or texture change. Siding style and color is central to the overall look of your home.

If you’re not up for a siding change, then maybe the addition of some vinyl accessories would be more your choice. Adding fluted corner posts, vinyl shutters, vinyl gable vents or even new vinyl trim will give you a new spin on your existing siding. These quick and easy accents are an affordable upgrade for your homes exterior appeal.

Installing a new front door can also be an attractive and energy efficient boost to the outside of your home. Many homes have front doors that are allowing too much heat and airflow in and out of homes. Today’s doors are built more securely and will provide your home with better protection for your family. A new secure and energy efficient entrance door should definitely be on your fall home project list.

Replacing old weathered windows with new vinyl replacement windows is also a great way to increase your home’s curb appeal. Today’s vinyl windows are made with insulated glass and are highly energy efficient. These windows will be saving you heating and cooling money as soon as your finish installing them.

Having a home that has style, curb appeal and is energy efficient is the goal of most homeowners. Take a little time this fall to make some quick improvements to your home with the help of Window Nation.

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