Is it time for Double Hung Windows?

Have you considered getting a window upgrade, but you're just not sure whether or not you're ready? We get it. A window replacement can feel like a big step. So, we've written up this list of 4 great reasons you should take that leap right now and start enjoying double hung windows on your home.

  1. Grrr, old windows. Have you had it with your current windows? Are they impossible to open or impossible to keep open without jamming a stick in there? Are they so warped you can't even get the windows to latch? There are a ton of reasons old windows can drive you crazy. But with one quick call to Window Nation, you'll be leaving that frustration behind. From start to finish, our team will make your window replacement an easy and hassle-free experience. We've been doing this a long time, and our rating on Angi proves the dedication we have shown to our customers through the years.
  2. You can't afford not to. If you have old windows, you have old technology. Window manufacturing has made incredible advancements in the last decade. If you haven't taken the leap, now is definitely the time. When you upgrade to new double hung windows, you're getting the most advanced insulation technology available. You'll get heavy-duty, vinyl insulated frames and two panes of thermally insulated glass with Warm Edge technology for amazing heat resistance. That means less heat going out in the winter, and less heat coming in during the summer. New windows are a home improvement that can pay for itself.
  3. Convenience. Do you find cleaning your windows to be a real pain in the neck (and back)? Or, do you just let them stay dirty because it is too much of a hassle? Double hung windows tilt in for easy cleaning. That means you can clean the entire window, even if that window is on the third or fourth floor of your home. So, if you would like to have more light coming in and a better view of your yard, you're going to love new double hung windows.
  4. Damage to your home. Are you aware that old windows can actually damage your home? It's true. If your windows are warping and losing their seal, they could be allowing water or moisture into your wall voids, and that can lead to mold, wood rot, and pest infestations.

When you're ready to make the leap, Window Nation is ready to make it with you. Start the conversation with one of our service agents and ask about our Lifetime Plus Warranty for the windows we manufacture in-house and about the industry-leading selection of windows we offer from other manufacturers. You'll quickly see why our customers love the windows we install, for years and years.

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