Is it Time to Replace My Exterior Doors?

This last winter was tough. You’ve tried just about everything in the book. You replaced your existing windows with brand new energy-efficient windows and you’ve already turned your heater up to the max. Unfortunately, your once warm and cozy living room is still getting hit with an unbearably cold winter chill. 

So what gives?

Despite how hefty and durable your entry door may seem, it might not be the steadfast barrier against the outside world that you need. The longer a door is sitting on its hinges, the more likely it is to develop issues that can make it obsolete in your home. However, for most homeowners, these issues are not as crystal clear as they should be. 

If you’re wondering whether or not you should replace your doors this spring, here are four questions that you need to ask yourself.

Need to Reduce Your Heating Bills?

A higher-than-normal heating bill is a red flag that some part of your house is not doing its job. (Either that or someone likes to leave the freezer open overnight!) Unless you wake up in the morning and find that icebox wide open, it might be time to replace your door.

Compare your heating bills from last month and the same time last year. If there is a significant increase in the price you’re paying between then and now, then that might mean your door has leakage somewhere. This leads to unwanted drafts in the area surrounding it, especially for a sliding glass door.

Or, if you find that your energy bill is just too high in the first place, you might want to replace your entry door with one that’s more energy efficient to save money in the long run.

Is Your Door Visibly Warped or Damaged?

When was the last time you took a good look at your door? It’s not unreasonable to say that most homeowners don’t take an analytical look at the structural integrity of their door every day. But if you’re thinking of replacing your door this spring, you really should.

Look for any visible cracks or warping around the edges of the door. Not only can these faults be an eyesore for your home, but they can lead to cold drafts or worse, easy break-ins. Very few can kick down a steel door, but criminals might have a better chance at busting down a wooden door with visible damage.

Does Your Door Look Outdated?

Sometimes your door just doesn’t fit into the overall look of your home anymore. Maybe you redecorated your backyard and your sliding glass door doesn’t contribute to your home’s style. Or you decided to re-paint your home’s exterior and your entry door just clashes too much with the new color.

The entry door is the gateway to the rest of the home, and if your door leaves something to be desired, that first impression goes a long way.

Whether you’re looking to re-sell your home in a couple of years, or just looking to dazzle your guests with your home’s beautiful exterior design, replacing your entry door can really make all the difference for your home.

Can't Wait Until Next Spring?

If you choose to replace your door, spring is the best time to do it. While installing replacement doors in the other seasons is a reasonable option, there are quite a few drawbacks that make the process unfavorable.

For example, the weather is much more temperate in spring than in summer or winter, which means there are less extreme temperatures that might lead to higher heating or A/C bills. There is also much more daylight in the spring compared to the other seasons. This allows installers to spend fewer days on the project, and lets you get your new entry door sooner.

If you think it might be time to switch to a more energy-efficient entry door or sliding glass door, you need to consider if it can wait until next year. Otherwise, it’s just not cost- and time-effective.

Learn More about Replacement Doors from Window Nation

If you said yes to two or three of the above questions, this spring is the best time to replace your doors. And if you said yes to all four of the above questions, you should already be on the phone with Window Nation. Contact us today to get a free quote on an energy-efficient replacement door.

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