Is Your Ohio Remodeling Project Worth It?

Remodeling Magazine recently published an article discussing the Return on Investment (ROI) for many common remodeling projects. Some of these projects included: Basement Remodels, Bathroom Additions, Deck Additions, Entry Door Replacement, Kitchen Remodels, Window Replacements (vinyl vs. wood) along with many more. And to make the data and information more relevant, you can select the ROI statistics for your specific region.

We thought this article was very useful for homeowners who are entering the summer season in which home improvement projects take a front seat. For those who are looking to sell or invest in their current home, it is nice to see the statistics and which projects see a higher ROI, like wood window replacements (73.3%) versus a lower ROI like bathroom additions (54.8%).

And it’s not just the type of project that you are doing but the materials you are using as well. For instance, replacing your entry door with a new fiberglass door only yields an average return of 65.9%. However, if you choose to replace your entry door with a new steel entry door, you would see a much higher return with an average of 85.6%. 

At Window Nation, we provide many replacement products that yield a high ROI, including replacement windows, replacement doors and vinyl siding. According to Remodeling Magazine, these projects will yield the following ROI averages:

  • Entry Door Replacement (fiberglass) - 65.9%

  • Entry Door Replacement (steel) - 85.6%

  • Siding Replacement (vinyl) - 72.9%

  • Window Replacement (vinyl) - 71.2%

  • Window Replacement (wood) - 73.3%

What Are the Other Ways That Remodeling Projects Yield a Return on Investment?

It’s no surprise that even less expensive windows these days are far more energy efficient than the more expensive ones from about 10 years ago. It’s all about creating an energy efficient home to save on resources and to protect your wallet when utility bills come due! Thankfully, Energy Star standards have helped to make energy efficient products the new normal. As you increase the value of your home, you will be lowering your energy bills as well. We like the sound of this!

Window Nation is a family owned and operated window replacement company that also offers door options, siding and siding accessories. For more information on any of the services we provide, please contact us today!

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