Lead Test Professionals

The Dangers of Lead Poisoning

Lead poisoning is one of those unseen dangers that can create a serious and sometimes even fatal occurrence. While current regulations have reduced the amount of exposure, it should be noted that lead is a highly toxic metal and is a very powerful poison. Over a period of a few months of exposure, symptoms of poisoning can surface.

Homes in Philadelphia that were constructed prior to 1978 could have lead based paint on the walls and woodwork. Because of this, Federal Law requires contractors who are remodeling and renovating these older homes in Philadelphia and throughout the United States to adhere to very precise work practices. These practices, designed to prevent lead contamination, include:

  • Confining the work area
  • Minimizing dust from spreading outside of immediate work area
  • Thorough and careful cleanup
  • Verification process

Sources and Effects of Lead Exposure

These practices must be followed in any facility built before 1978, including childcare facilities, schools, and homes that have tested positive for lead. Lead can be found in lead based paints, art supplies, toys, and contaminated dust. Lead is not visible, cannot be smelled, and has no taste. This poison can be ingested, or dust that is contaminated with lead can be breathed in.

Repeated lead exposure can cause:

  • High blood pressure
  • Numbing or tingling of arms and legs
  • Memory loss
  • Abdominal cramps and pain
  • Fatigue and sleep problems
  • Poor developmental skills in children
  • Mental impairment and behavior problems with children whose brain is still in developmental stages.

Trust the Experts at Window Nation

Window Nation, a Certified Firm as required by the EPA, employs renovators that are skilled in the removal of any lead based contaminates. Philadelphia residents are encouraged to contact the experts here at Window Nation to be assured that you will be protected from the harmful effects of lead during your renovation. Our professionals will follow all of the EPA procedures for proper care and containment on the job site and all cleanup procedures after repairs are completed.

A common remodeling project that can include possible lead exposure is in replacement window installation. Each team of workers is under the supervision of a factory trained Installation Masters Certified Installer. We don’t just replace your windows; we make sure the entire process is a stress-free experience.

At Window Nation, our professionals are not just typical handymen. Our technicians are EPA Lead Safe Renovators and certified by numerous window agencies. We take the process of lead testing very seriously. You can be assured that at Window Nation, we place the health and safety of our Philadelphia customers as a top priority

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