Let in that Bright August Sunshine with New Windows

I love August. Bright, warm, sunny days with birds chirping and leaves rustling as the breeze blows softly by. I don’t even mind the occasional shower that falls to the ground and cools things down a bit. My absolute favorite time in August, though, is in the early morning when I grab my first cup of coffee and head out to the sunroom to just take in the sights and sounds while my brain struggles to consciousness.

Lately, however, my morning views have not been so pleasant. I have noticed that, like me, my windows seem to be quite ‘foggy’ in the wee hours of the day. As the day progresses, they seem to clear a bit, but they never actually clear completely and leave me gazing through them as through a light cloud. I long for the day when my morning view was clear and crisp – when I could gaze at the bright red of the Cardinals feeding in the bird feeder next to my window or the mourning doves as they coo atop the telephone wires without hindrance. It somehow seemed to help me wake up and face the day.

Damage to windows can happen gradually over time, and we often don’t even notice until we think it’s time for a new pair of glasses, when in fact it’s not our eyesight that has gone ‘south’. Time is not the only culprit that can cause damage as it wears away at the seals on your windows and allows moisture to seep between the panes of glass. Did you know that weather can play a factor too? Wind can blow around dust and small debris that hit against your nice, clear glass and cause little divots to form. Unnoticeable at first, they eventually appear as tiny little spots or mini-dents on the surface of your window panes. It’s similar to what you can see on an old windshield when the sun is shining just right; and you don’t even realize how much it hinders what you see until you replace it and look through the smooth, shiny new pane. Winter weather plays a role too. The snow, sleet and hail that accompany winter storms beat against the panes and wear down that beautiful luster.

If you find that you are in need of a window ‘makeover’ this year, it’s time to call a professional like Window Nation for help. Did you know that here at Window Nation we offer fast, friendly, expert service, and we are one of the top 10 window retailers in the country? We even offer 24 hour emergency support. Our technicians are highly trained and licensed professionals that are focused on unmatched craftsmanship; and we will work with you to meet your budget restrictions. If you need clearer vision in your mornings (or afternoons or evenings as far as that goes!) then it’s time to contact us and stop hiding your hideous scratched windows with drapes and shades, but give them a new face and let them shine!

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