Make Your Home More Energy Efficient With New Windows

Most people in Philadelphia have anxiously awaited the warm, summer sun. When the sun first peeks out in the spring, we say that we will not complain about it ever being too hot again! We are thankful for the warmth after the deep freeze of winter. We run outside at every chance available to enjoy the pleasurable season. Suddenly yard work and barbeques become priority over most everything else on our list. Then it happens; it hits the ‘too hot’ mark. We pull the curtains and turn on the air conditioners, cooling our homes down for refuge from the heat. By fall, we will be anxiously awaiting the first snowflakes. Once the temperatures drop, we head back inside our homes and turn up the thermostats. So, the cycle of enduring the current season continues.

Keeping our homes ‘havens’ requires keeping the temperature inside them comfortable. In the hot summer months this means turning on fans and air conditioners. In the cold winter months this means turning up the thermostats. We use energy to keep the temperature in our homes comfortable. Windows can play a large part in the amount of energy that our homes use to achieve our desired temperature.

When windows are old they can become warped causing gaps around their frames. When windows are not sealed properly they can allow air to flow in and out around them. Weathered and damaged weatherstripping and gaskets will also allow unwanted airflow.

Properly installed replacement windows will fit like a glove in the opening of your wall, thus not allowing unwanted air flow around them. New energy efficient replacement windows have gaskets, seals and weatherstripping that will also keep your outdoor and indoor air exchange to a minimum. The less air exchange you have through your windows than the less heat and cool air loss you have to the outdoors causing your heating and cooling costs to be lower.

Window Nation of Philadelphia knows just how important low energy use is to our Philadelphia neighbors. We understand that lowering energy usage not only helps our budget, but also our world. Replacement windows in Philadelphia is our business. Having a new energy efficient window that is properly installed is a huge step in the right direction for lowering energy costs. Our custom replacement windows offer the best in energy efficient glass and window construction. We offer one of the most comprehensive installation and product warranties in the business. Contact us today and let our licensed professionals steer you in the right direction to start saving energy and money with new replacement windows! Click here to find out  more about our window options!

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