New Windows Mean Increased Savings

With the cost of heating and cooling your home, keeping your home energy efficient is likely on the forefront of your thoughts. Windows are made to fit into holes in your house. These ‘holes’ need to be filled with windows that give you the most in energy efficiency as possible. If your home has old or inefficient windows, replacing them with new more efficient ones will decrease your energy consumption and lower your utility bills.

Windows are primarily made of two main parts, the frame and the glass. Historically window frames have been manufactured with wood or metal; both of which aren’t very energy efficient. Metal will readily conduct heat or cold into and out of your home and wood shrinks and expands with the weather allowing an unwanted amount of air and heat exchange. Replacement vinyl windows are manufactured to be more efficient than either of these options. Vinyl is a plastic product so it does not conduct or transfer heat and cold. This helps to keep the temperature inside your house stable. Here at Window Nation, we have a special option to minimize heat loss even more. We utilize a super spacer technology. It is an all foam and no metal spacer bar that will not allow any heat transfer from one side of the window to the other, making these windows even more energy efficient. Vinyl won’t shrink or expand with the changing weather patterns either. Replacement vinyl windows are custom made to fit the existing openings in your home; making these windows a perfect ‘fit’ for your needs!

Wait! Don’t forget about the evolvement of the glass either! Window glass panes have done some changing over the years. What began as a single pane of glass has morphed into an insulated multi-pane view of the outdoors. The glass itself can be double or tripled paned, as well as have specialized coatings on it to help with UV exposure. Double or triple pane windows are insulated between the glass with a special gas. Window glass is no longer just a piece of glass.

Window technology is constantly evolving and changing. You can rely on the professionals here at Window Nation to know and recommend the right window for your project. We have a vinyl replacement window to fit every style and budget. With our superior windows, you will save money now and later by decreasing the amount of energy it takes to maintain your homes comfort level.

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