New Year, New Vinyl Siding

With the New Year, many people consider making changes in their lives and homes. If you’ve been thinking about making changes to your home, the pros at Window Nation have lots of ideas for you! To improve the overall look of your home, we would like to suggest new vinyl siding. Anyone who has ever gone from traditional wood siding to beautiful new vinyl siding understands the benefits of this home improvement; here are just a few of the reasons we think this is the change you should make for 2014!

Vinyl siding is tough stuff! It withstands high winds, weather extremes and anything else Mother Nature can throw at it! With vinyl siding from the Exterior Portfolio by Crane, you can trust that it is designed to stand up to many years of harsh weather conditions.

Vinyl siding delivers style and beauty, improving the overall look of your home. Your new vinyl siding can be customized to your home and to fit your style; along with vinyl siding trim and other vinyl siding accessories, your home’s curb appeal will skyrocket!

Vinyl siding requires a minimal amount of maintenance to keep it looking great. Traditional wood siding requires annual scraping, sanding and repainting, where vinyl siding only requires a little soapy water and a garden hose! You’ll save time and money with vinyl siding from Window Nation.

Vinyl siding is easily installed and when it is done by the professionals at Window Nation, you know it will be done correctly. Our vinyl siding panels are made in standard shapes and sizes, which means that there is very little room for error during installation. Vinyl siding is not secured to your home the way that traditional wood siding is; vinyl panels are attached by nails that are hammered through holes at the top of each panel. This allows for the panels to expand or contract, depending on temperature fluctuations outdoors. This type of installation also allows for panels to be easily replaced should they become damaged or go missing in a storm.

For more information on vinyl siding from Window Nation, please contact us today! Window Nation prices are some of the most competitive in the market and we would be happy to discuss your vinyl siding budget. Contact us today to help improve your home with exceptional vinyl siding from Window Nation.

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