Our Favorite 4 Spring Cleaning Tips

Could it really be? Wait, no way! Spring…Spring really is coming! Some days we doubt it, but the calendar says that it’s getting real close. The temperature is a wee bit slower on this climb to spring, but at least the days are getting longer! Yay! The sun is shining brighter and it’s warmer. It’s nice to see through those beautiful, clean windows of yours. Oh wait, your windows aren’t so clean? That can seem like a big job, especially ones above the first floor. How about your walls? Are they a little dingy from the furnace or stove running all winter? Well, here are four of our favorite spring cleaning tips to help you with making your house sparkling clean this spring.

Clean out your closet. Seems like a small task, but it makes a huge difference. Here are some simple steps to a organized closet:

  • Pull out all the clothes, shoes and accessories that you don’t wear and donate them to a local charity.
  • Organize your closet on nice and sturdy hangers.
  • Put your skirts and slacks on cascading hangers.
  • Hang all your ‘like’ items together (this streamlines your search).
  • Pick out your weeks worth of outfits before the week starts and hang them up together.

Wash them windows! No one seems to enjoy cleaning glass. Window cleaning has truly got a bad rap. Whether you use a pre-made window cleaner or make your own with vinegar and water, all you need is some good absorbent paper towels or a dry cleaning cloth to make your windows clean and streak free. If your windows do not have a tilt option you may have to use a ladder to get to the outside portion. Be sure to always practice good ladder safety! A clean window is not worth a fall from a ladder. A window squeegee is a decent option for your exterior window cleaning needs. When you are cleaning your window glass, don’t forget to do the frame and jamb. Insects and dirt can really make a mess of them. To easily clean your insect screens, try vacuuming them first with a dusting attachment and then wiping them with a moist rag. Clean windows will let more warm sun inside this spring and every season this year. As always, check with your window manufacturer for their cleaning recommendations.

Wash those dingy walls! Furnaces and stoves can stain your interior walls and make them dingy. Wash your painted walls with a rag or sponge and hot water, and wipe dry. If this does not remove dirt or stains, then try a mixture of some gentle dish washing soap in hot water. If you have some stubborn stains, apply a cleaner directly to the sponge or the stain. Just remember to rinse the wall with a hot water rag and wipe it dry to finish the job. Wall paper walls can be wiped with a moist rag and dried with a soft cloth. Make sure to pay special attention to areas around light switches and outlets on all walls.

Re-organize and clean your book shelves! A disheveled and dusty book shelf is a bit of an eye sore. Clean up and organize your books by size and or subject. Discard any torn book covers and dust or wash the shelves and books themselves. Your library book shelves will look neater in a snap.

Spring is almost here. The spring cleaning list on everyone’s mind is long. Utilize these four tips to help you maximize your cleaning and minimize your time required to do so!

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