Philadelphia’s Notorious Winter Intruder

If every year, at the same time, someone broke into your house and stole money from you, how long would it take you to install measures to keep them out? Probably not long. What if the same person broke into your house over and over again all winter long? Can you imagine putting up with that? This may startle you, but this already happens. Every single winter, all winter long, an intruder breaks into your Philly home and steals from you. And you let it happen. Here is what it looks like.


Imagine this. You have a giant jar in your living room. Inside that jar are pennies–thousands of them. But you can’t see this jar. It is invisible, and so are the thieves that come to steal the pennies. They come in through your windows almost continually and tip toe into your living room to take a few pennies here and a few pennies there.


At the end of fall they are only taking a small handful, but as winter kicks into gear and the temperatures drop outside, they start bringing in buckets–gleefully digging out money while you relax on your couch watching television.


At some point, you get a bill in the mail. It is from the company responsible for filling your penny jar each month – only they’re not asking for pennies. They want hundreds of dollars. You don’t even realize as you look at the bill that if you could keep those thieves from stealing from your penny jar you wouldn’t have to pay the penny company as much to fill the jar up. It would already be mostly filled.


You’ve probably already pieced things together; even though it is probably a horrible analogy. You’re allowing pennies to escape your home in the form of heat. When you lose heat, you have to make more heat to replace it, and the oil company and electric companies will love you for it. They are more than happy to give you more pennies for those robbers to steal.


Before the cold Philadelphia winter hits your home, get your windows replaced by Window Nation. Windows are a notorious exit for heat. When you get 2 or 3 panes of glass with Low-E coating and Argon or Krypton gas between the heat inside your home and the cold expanse outside, you’ll have fewer dollars going out to the energy companies and more money to spend on all the fun things we have to do this winter in Philadelphia. Call today for a free estimate. What do you have to lose but more heat out your windows? Take action before winter comes–and keep those pennies from being stolen.

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