Renovate or Remodel?

Home improvement projects are a great way to give your old house new life. Before starting a project, it’s important to consider your home’s needs. It’s easy to get caught up in the idea of building your dream kitchen or upgrading your bathroom, but are they really the best projects for your home? Be sure to research the projects you’re considering to learn more about the scope of the project, the costs, and the time it could take to finish the project. It’s also important to identify whether you’re looking to renovate or remodel your home. Though they’re often used interchangeably, renovations and remodels are two different types of projects, and it’s important to distinguish between the two before starting your project.


Home renovation projects restore your home to its previous state. These projects are often smaller, like adding a fresh coat of paint or updating your light fixtures. Because renovations are often smaller in scale, these projects are typically less costly, offering a better value than larger remodeling projects. Renovations often offer a higher return on investment when it comes time to sell your home. As a result, these projects are often recommended for those looking to make upgrades before putting their home on the market.

When researching renovations for your home, it’s important to look at the cost of the project compared to the value added to your home. If you’re looking for projects that offer the best value, consider replacing your garage door or upgrading your windows. Garage door replacement offers one of the best returns on investment at almost 95%. Window replacement also offers a high return on investment – choose between vinyl windows, offering a 72% ROI or wood windows, offering a 69% return on investment. No matter the style you choose, replacement windows will add curb appeal and lower your energy bills, making them a smart choice for any homeowner.


Unlike home renovations, which make smaller changes to your home, remodeling projects will alter the shape and structure of your home. These projects can be as small as knocking down a wall in your kitchen to or as big as adding an in-law suite onto your home. These projects are often more expensive than renovations, and as a result, often don’t offer the same return on investment. A midrange bathroom remodel, for example, has just a 64% return on investment compared to vinyl siding replacement at 74%. A master suite addition has the lowest return of all projects at just 51%.

Remodeling projects are not recommended if you’re looking to move, as you may not be able to recoup the money you spent on the project when it comes time to sell your home. Remodeling projects are also difficult, if not impossible, to re-do, potentially turning off some buyers. Nevertheless, if you know your house is your forever home, remodeling projects can be a great way to transform your space into the home of your dreams.

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